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Sim unlocking T-Mobile Oneplus 8 5g?

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New member
Mar 5, 2016
Long story short: I bought a OP8 on Ebay a year ago. The seller didn't disclose that it was still under contract. T-Mobile refused to unlock the device told me to get a refund. Had to force a refund through Ebay and sent the phone back to the seller, the phone was returned to me as undeliverable as the address provided by the seller to Ebay wasn't a real address. T-Mobile told me I as the new owner but they refused to unlock it still and then blacklisted it. I took them to Arbitration and the Arbitrator railroaded me. So now I have a perfectly good near mint (no scratches dings, etc) cell phone that I can't use.

Is there a way to force a sim unlock and root on this phone? I'm willing to experiment since I really can't use it for anything else, and if I bork it or brick it well at least I'll have tried. I don't want T-Mobile to win this one.