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Oct 11, 2006
Dear Larna

Thanks for your nice work & I'm reli obsessed by the iphone alike skin when running the icontact. I've tried installing v0.3 to v0.5 with the chic black color background, however, some blank black grids appear on the top of the page when I run the icontact & it becomes normal when scrolling down to alphabet "D". Then I installed the oldest verion of v0.2 with white color background but w/o the nice/useful keyboard, it functions normally. I reli love the newer version with black color background/keyboard pop-up. Can u help me to solve this problem?

FYI, I'm using HTC Touch Cruise with WM6 Professional in Chinese traditional language.

Thanks so much in advance!


I'm experiencing the same problem. All contacts are displayed properly after "D".

Afterall, this is a great program indeed. Small and fast. Thanks Larna.
I just wish the problem could be solved.


Mar 14, 2008
iContact startup problem...

hey there,

iContact 0.5 worked perfect for a few days. But now, as I start up iContact it
just shows me the top bar a black screen and the bottom bar.

The only thing that appears ist the abc button on the right bottom. If I push it, i some weird grids appear.

And thats it. :-(

I love this prog so please help me.




Jul 25, 2007
Developpement is stopped ?
This soft is very nice ! Il like it !

Just a button to add new contact is missing and perhaps the photo in the contact detail ?



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Dec 8, 2006
Development didn't stop, but it will, very soon. Soon i'll post a new version with few simple changes and i'll post source code.
Source is a mess, but will be open to anyone to modify it in any way.

I'll post more info when i release 0.6.



Dec 21, 2007

Tihs software is awesome. I've been using it since 0.2 i think. It has come a very long way i love it haha.

a sidenote - If i have notes for a contact, the notes display under the icontact's "details view" (The screen where you tap to dial a number) If the note is long it gets cut off and if u tap on it, the program returns back to the list of contacts. It's not a biggie, and it doesnt bother me, but i'm just bringing it up in case no one has noticed.


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Jun 15, 2006
Hi Larna, I find one solution for PPC not phone devices. It works in my axim x51v. Copy fake phone.dll and sms.dll (included in the attached zip file), in /Windows directory, and then iContact v0.5 works in non phone device. ;)


thanks aneto for posting this quick fix for non-phone pda. works perfectly on my old ipaq hx2495! :)

most of all, thank you larna for this new update! i hope you can somehow integrate this small fix into your eagerly awaited v0.6 project culmination. imho, this is simply the best contacts app amongst all phones, smartphones, and pdas (even a lot better than xphone's)! :)
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Aug 13, 2007
i love the having one problem tho

when minimizing the program, and reopening it, the program eats up much so that if i continuously open and minimize the program, my memory will eventually drop down to 8mb where the program stops working....

if i end task, then i get all my memory back, and the program runs fine again


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Aug 17, 2006
Just installed this program for the first time (can't believe I missed it as I'm on these boards every day!), and I am loving it! I do have an HTC Universal, and the scrolling performance could be better, and the fonts seem to be in low resolution.

Also, when I click a contacts name, I cannot see their details, only notes, and to get to view their details, I have to click the notes tab, then the Edit softkey. There are no softkeys when on the details tab, which I find to be odd.

I know the program is in v0.5 right now, so I'm just pointing these bugs (which are always expected) in hopes that they will be fixed in future versions. I want to use this program forever!

Thanks for the great work!!


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Mar 26, 2008
hi, a suggestion.

hi, i installed this program in my q tek 9100, it woks ok, but still needs to have a mode to minimize it, ant to introduce new contacts, the presentation is very good congratulations.
[email protected]


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Mar 4, 2008
hey there,

iContact 0.5 worked perfect for a few days. But now, as I start up iContact it
just shows me the top bar a black screen and the bottom bar.

The only thing that appears ist the abc button on the right bottom. If I push it, i some weird grids appear.

And thats it. :-(

I love this prog so please help me.



That happened to me because I had a contact that didn't begin with a letter, but with a symbol. The program can only organize all your contacts by the alphabets.


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Mar 30, 2008
I installed it, well rather it's an EXE that runs, it does not actually intall (which means it's hard to make a quick way to access besides going to "file manager" and navigating to the location.

Any plans to make this a "installed program" so it will be able to be added to various laumcher plugins that only look for installed programs?


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Mar 30, 2008
milion thanks
in version 0.6 in suggest to read the contacts from sim card and more customize
of fonts and colors and create shortcut in today screen


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Dec 5, 2007
Google Pixel 7 Pro
Brilliant little app that I have been using since 0.3. I love the improvement now that allows dialing from the application itself where as previously I was using it to select the contact then dialing from the standard WM6 contact application - not ideal. I have it set up to run off my unused Explorer button on my Orbit, it works a treat. Not sure why people are bothered about minimizing when it starts so fast (unlike bloatware like Vito Fun Contacts which takes about 10 seconds). I just start it when needed then close it with my Orbit's 'OK' button when the call is finished.

Well done that man and keep up the good work. Better than any commercial contacts application in my view.


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Oct 14, 2006
I'm Curious how People Are Adding New Contacts with this App. I love this app and Its great and the new version is Bad Ass with the new features that People actually requested....

I would Like to Request a New Contact Button maybe on the Abc "Letter Page" or Right above where "A" Starts.....

To add a new contact I have to send what Ever # it is a Txt and then save them from SMS lol

How do you ADD a NEW CONTACT ?!?

Testing Results on Icontact :

This app is Great ! it was buggy b4. Sometimes the scrolling is a lil hesitant but its Pretty responsive one you get it going........NEW CONTACT would be nice lol .....I also notice I contact completely Takes over the icons for regular contact icons, not a Real big problem But something I noticed.

I"m running this on a AT&T Tilt running WM6.1

Keep up the good Work.
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Dec 18, 2007

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    I wrote a simple contacts list app for WM5 but i've tested it on HTC Wizard only. If anyone is willing to test the app on their device I'd be very thankfull.

    The app is very basic, it only lists contacts in scrollable list. I use it for accessing my contacts by scrolling the list with fingers, similar to *Phone. Just tap, drag and release. To select a contact, just tap and release, and standard contact details dialog should appear.

    Exe is in the attached zip file.

    UPDATE v0.5, 02.03.2008.

    - iContact should now be visible in task managers
    - added application icon
    - alphabet grid can be shown by clicking on ABC button. It stays shown until letter is selected, or you tap on an empty space
    - little bit more usefull "Details" screen.

    UPDATE v0.4, 09.11.2007.
    This version should fix a bug or two, but may introduce some as well. It should fix the most obvious bug with contact name length.
    It also introduces a way to look into contact details. But is merely a test and isn't very usable at the moment. Tapping on the contact name will open standard pocket outlook contact details.

    Have fun.

    UPDATE v0.3, 08.09.2007.
    Sorry to say that iContact didn't go very far, but still, i wanted to give you guys an up-to-date version (if anyone is still interested ;))

    There are few changes and they're all very obvious, so, have fun.


    - 05.05.2007.

    App is now known as"iContact".Main changes would be landscape fix and (Oh, My, Oooh) WM2003 support.
    As i don't have wm2003 device there are probably still some bugs, but at least it should start, show contacts and scroooooolllll...

    The little indicator on the right side has some bugs, i know. But, as it doesn't affects the other app functionality I let it live.

    Post your opinions. New features will be discussed when main part of the app works (almost) bug free.

    Thx for all your comments. That motivates me the most.

    Contacts v0.1 is available for testing purposes in the post:
    Here :)
    Explanations and comments are available in before mentioned post.

    YouTube video made by nicolas (thx nicolas)

    xPhone alike launcher by Grumps (Good job man!)

    I've already did it, but qvga screen are really small and letters can be touched only with stylo... it's not very usefull :)