Simple contacts app iContact (v0.5) (xPhone alike)

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Nov 25, 2008
deleating contacts

when my phone sync's with windows it put all the contacts back with no name now i have dubble contacts but when someone cals it doesnnt show there name and you can only delete one at a time and the prog closes after you delete 1 am i missing some thing


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Feb 20, 2008
you realize both i contact version and thread are seriously outdated.
i suggest you use the search function to look for the newest version of icontact,it will problablly solve most of your problems.
and will also solve our(XDA Users) problems of having outdated posts in first page naking as sometimes miss more interesting posts that get relegated to lower pages


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Jul 3, 2009
Great application but it will be better if we can have the favoris by picture and if we can upload status on facebook

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    I wrote a simple contacts list app for WM5 but i've tested it on HTC Wizard only. If anyone is willing to test the app on their device I'd be very thankfull.

    The app is very basic, it only lists contacts in scrollable list. I use it for accessing my contacts by scrolling the list with fingers, similar to *Phone. Just tap, drag and release. To select a contact, just tap and release, and standard contact details dialog should appear.

    Exe is in the attached zip file.

    UPDATE v0.5, 02.03.2008.

    - iContact should now be visible in task managers
    - added application icon
    - alphabet grid can be shown by clicking on ABC button. It stays shown until letter is selected, or you tap on an empty space
    - little bit more usefull "Details" screen.

    UPDATE v0.4, 09.11.2007.
    This version should fix a bug or two, but may introduce some as well. It should fix the most obvious bug with contact name length.
    It also introduces a way to look into contact details. But is merely a test and isn't very usable at the moment. Tapping on the contact name will open standard pocket outlook contact details.

    Have fun.

    UPDATE v0.3, 08.09.2007.
    Sorry to say that iContact didn't go very far, but still, i wanted to give you guys an up-to-date version (if anyone is still interested ;))

    There are few changes and they're all very obvious, so, have fun.


    - 05.05.2007.

    App is now known as"iContact".Main changes would be landscape fix and (Oh, My, Oooh) WM2003 support.
    As i don't have wm2003 device there are probably still some bugs, but at least it should start, show contacts and scroooooolllll...

    The little indicator on the right side has some bugs, i know. But, as it doesn't affects the other app functionality I let it live.

    Post your opinions. New features will be discussed when main part of the app works (almost) bug free.

    Thx for all your comments. That motivates me the most.

    Contacts v0.1 is available for testing purposes in the post:
    Here :)
    Explanations and comments are available in before mentioned post.

    YouTube video made by nicolas (thx nicolas)

    xPhone alike launcher by Grumps (Good job man!)

    I've already did it, but qvga screen are really small and letters can be touched only with stylo... it's not very usefull :)