Simple text app launching widget?


Jan 9, 2012
Forgive me, I haven't played with much Android customization beyond the options in Nova Launcher since my Skyrocket days, and I haven't done any coding since the late 80's in BASIC and tiny bit of PASCAL so compiling custom stuff isn't something I'm interested in. What I want is the look of minimalist launcher were I can control the name of the app, for example "Internet" for my browser, whichever it may be, and have a list of half a dozen similar text shortcuts on my home screen.

There are several minimalist launchers out there that have the look of what I want, but I cannot change the name of the app- the minimalist launchers which do allow me to change the name of the app have other crap on the screen (like the alphabet on the right hand side representing the app drawer) which I do not want. I'm thinking the simple solution here is for me to create a widget (shortcut) with a simple text icon and it just launches the app I link to it. And no, I haven't named any of the dozen or so of launchers I have been trying out of respect to the hard word the dev's put into them. Not trying to call anyone out here, just looking for a back door into my weird solution. I'd be perfectly happy with a simple launcher which allows app re-naming and text shortcuts, but I think the proper direction is a widget which just acts as an app shortcut.

Something like this:


And a simple swipe up for the rest of the app drawer. I am a very light user, I hate 'social media,' don't use my phone for video streaming or any of that stuff and will be running a de-Googled Nexus 5 on Oreo that will only leave my desk on those occasions which I foresee the need for an actual mobile device on my person that day.

Yeah yeah, my next cake day is the big Five-Oh. Shoot me.