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Single Sim on Dual Sim, reduced storage capacity

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Senior Member
Jul 17, 2011
Sony Xperia XZs
Hey guys,

In my attempt to try get IMS, VOLTE working I decided to flash It_customized from single SIM model since this atleast includes all of the UK modem.mbm files in SYS.

I noticed now my storage capacity has halfed of course, which file is responsible for storage area? I can maybe flash a file from XZS dual but I'm not sure which one would be correct?

Also, is it actually possible to edit OEM.sin somehow before flashing? This way I can define correct mbn name without? I don't want to root as don't want to loose DRM keys.

Thanks guys


Senior Member
Sep 5, 2012
Huh, I guess that makes sense if the single-SIM version of the phone is only 32GB while the dual-SIM is 64GB.

Not 100% sure, but my guess would be partition.sin. You might try re-flashing just partition.sin and also wipe out userdata at the same time (so both partition.sin and userdata.sin)...wiping userdata I think would essentially "reformat" the userdata partition, which would be necessary to restore the full capacity of the filesystem on that partition. This will of course factory reset the phone / wipe out all data on the phone.

Honestly, what I would probably do is just re-flash the entire original firmware for your dual-SIM model, let it boot up, verify you have full capacity, etc. and THEN after it's clearly working normally again, flash ONLY system.sin from the single-SIM "Customized IT" firmware.