SIP-callws with the X2

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Nov 28, 2009
I found a thread where people where discussing about enabling SIP-Calls on their winmo-phones (6.0). Curious as I am, i installed the cabs and configured my phone, and voilá, i got my X2 hooked up against my VoIP-server, even if I have winmo 6.5.

For those who are interested, just follow this guide or alternatively this guide. Both guides explain more or less the same thing. What i did not get to work was the _setup.xml part, and instead of that i just used the Sip Configuration Tool that can be found over here (I used the SipConfigTool_2_0_1.CAB version).

I'm not sure if i needed this entry, but i edited this anyway:
EnablePort5060 = 1

For the unpatient:
Install this CAB: ftp://xda:[email protected]/Hermes/WMXL_Support_Files/WM6VoIP.CAB
Then install the SIP Config Too: and use the newly installed SIP Config Tool to configure your SIP-server + login etc. If it does not connect, then try this with a registry-editor:

EnablePort5060 = 1

Basically it worked for me, though the incoming sound was not routed into the earpiece, but to the speaker on the back.. One problem that occured was that the dialplan-file did not work for me. my next step is to check that out, and see if I can manage to get it configured for Finland..

I hope that i remembered all steps.. If something is missing, then i'll try to help out.

Disclaimer: Naturally this is up to you what you do with your SEXX2. For me this worked..


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Aug 23, 2009
I have an X1 and I use it for SIP calling for quite some time now. I must recommend a good program called AGEphone Mobile and the new version corrected all the bugs that I was having with this program. It will access all your contacts on the phone, and the sound quality over wifi (even public ones) is very very good.

I reccomend it to anyone that wants to use their phone for SIP calling.

Here is the link:

Just be careful, because SIP calling drains your battery very fast. When I call for more then 30 min I disable the phone network and only enable Wifi, as that way the phone does not get as hot and the battery can last a few more hours. But don't think it won't drain about 1% of battery every 2 min, at least that's +/- what I get.