[SKN][WM6.5][13 MAY 09] WM 6.5 Titanium Theme "Bliss" [1.6]

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Feb 10, 2007
WVGA/VGA/QVGA/WQVGA - Subscribe to this thread future changes!


I need the community's support on porting this theme to QVGA Landscape and QVGA Square. Feel free to deconstruct my .cab and build the .cpr's corresponding to those resolutions. Once ready, please post them here and I'll add it to the next release, of course adding your name to the credits :p

Supported community Titanium plugins:
-TitaniumWeather by showaco
-CTwitter, COffice, CFacebook by JukEboXAuDiO
-FavoritePeople by AppStar
-Programs by Sector (aka giorgosm)


-wqvga layout fixes by Genix9 & Sector/giorgosm
-qvga layout fixes by ashwaa
-fixed issue where .cpr files were read-only and third party plugin installation would throw an error in the end
-updated bronzeres.dll
-Note: Some third party plugins may need to be installed after installing the theme in order for them to show up in the home screen.

-At last! Added support for QVGA (portrait only) thanks to utak3r :)

-Added support for WQVGA thanks to Sector (aka giorgosm)
-Added support for Programs panel thanks to Sector (aka giorgosm)

-Added support for CFacebook, COffice
-Added support for the TitaniumWeather 4.1+ with radar support
-Fixed notifications panel text overlap thanks to mallman and wez89

-Added CTwitter Support

-Added VGA Support (Untested)

-First Release (WVGA Only)
-Support for Titanium Weather, Fave People
-100% custom made icons
-Known issue: sometimes there's a funky render issue where the transparent icon background may shrink when switching from portrait to landscape

Installation Instructions: WM 6.5 Only!
  1. Make sure you've got SDK Certs installed First (attached at the bottom of this post), install it, then soft-reset and continue to the next step!
  2. Go to Start > Settings > Today > Items , and disable the "Windows Default" checkbox
  3. Copy the theme .cab to your device and run it, make sure you install it in your device and not the storage card and soft reset.
  4. Go to Start > Settings > Today > Items, and enable the "Windows Default" checkbox, also select Crimson Darkness (based on your device resolution) from the list of today themes and apply.
  5. Enjoy!

Upgrade Instructions:
  • Disable Titanium: Go to Start > Settings > Today and disable "Windows Default"
  • Install the theme cab
  • soft-reset
  • Enable Titanium: Go to Start > Settings > Today and check "Windows Default"
  • Enjoy!

Restore Instructions (will allow you to restore your default theme):
  • Download the attached restore cab (at the bottom of this post)
  • Disable Titanium: Go to Start > Settings > Today and uncheck "Windows Default"
  • Install the restore cab
  • soft-reset
  • Enable Titanium: Go to Start > Settings > Today and check "Windows Default"

When using third-party or cummunity plugins such as TitaniumWeather, Favorite People make sure you re-install this theme cab after installing the plugins so that the theme and the plugins can coexist together. It doesn't matter if you already have this theme installed and you decide to install the additional plugins, you must install this theme cab after installing any plugin that is supported by this theme.

Tested on WWE Version of WM 6.5 WVGA, if you find issues, please report them together with a screenshot since I only own a WVGA phone I need to be able to see what the issue is in order to fix it. To take screen shots of your phone use MyMobileR (freeware) from http://www.mtux.com/ .

No mirrors please, as this will keep changing as issues are reported.


Version 1.6


Version 1.5


View attachment sdkcerts.cab
View attachment 181172
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Feb 10, 2007
Nice one waiting for the download to appear.
Is it possible to have analog clock showing the real time instead of just having a pic of it on right corner.

it's not possible right now, unless someone writes a replacement for the native clock plugin, it's just a bit complicated right now since MS hasn't released an SDK yet. they will when the final release comes out.


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Aug 17, 2008
i will just join in on the crowd and say HURRY UP!!!! hahaha, i want this on my HD. Great work bro, you're giving me lots of ideas with this theme
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