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Hello guys,

WP7Android apps for free here

So what's all about? !!

A innovative UI currently in development which will have 20 apps and a simple, elegant, fully customizable GUI. Available screenshots in second post.

Also a ROM[no Kang], which aims to become better then CM&MIUI and improve android overall. If you are a developer or a user who wants to help just PM me or Mr.Highway

ROM signup:
Apps closed beta signup:

What else can you expect from it?

All apps are planned to be the best on the market so you can expect a rich user experience with many features that will include competitor ones and original.

How many apps will the UI have?
About 20. Here is a list with most of them:
5)People with IM and social 
12)Stock + Currency converter 
16)File/Task manager
19)Theme Engine - Desktop App

How is everything organized?
I'm leading a multinational team of 9 developers. As for the project it has 4 stages:

1)All apps with basic features in one app
2)Adding advanced features
3) Integration between all apps
4) Implementing UI

When will this be released?
Something like end of April or middle of May for beta if things go well. And final release 2-3 weeks later.

When can we test?
Some will have the chance to test early in private beta testing. All others will have to wait for public beta.

Will this be free?
Free with ads. Estimated prices in third post.

If there is anything you want to know PM or email me([email protected]).

Updates and pics/videos on second post.
Blog on third post.

If you want to support buy me a drink, hit the thanks button, vote, share on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ or Follow me on Twitter:!/Mafteiu_Vlad

Thanks for donations to:
Sergioalvarezmac - *****
Cajl - ***
Trekfan422991 - ***
Gab1972 - **
Rainabba - *
Clixt - */2
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1.0 - 23.01.2012

-Launcher design:
-Basic notes and news app finished.
-Push services and server database for users,notes and news

2.0 - 5.02.2012

-More work on new contacts
-Started work on email app

3.0 - 27.02.2012

- Finished basics of launcher
- Finished about 70% of the player
- Finished core of dialer, SMS and meteo app
- Finished about 60% of notes and 80% of news apps
- Finished about 10% of calendar
- Begun works on stocks/currency
- Begun works on file/task manager
- Begun work on calculator and gallery

4.0 - 07.04.2012

- Finished 60 % of browser
- Finished 20% of Calendar
- Finished 90% of player,weather,news and notes
- Finished 70% of File Manager
- Finished 50% of Calculator
- Finished 20% of Gallery
- Finished 100% Stocks/ Currency converter
- Finished 80% of Dialer
- Finished 100% Contacts
- Finished about 30% of internal website functions
- Begun work on Social Networks App
- Begun work on Clock App
- From next week we will continue SMS, Launcher and Lockscreen and hopefully have over 50% of IM ready

5.0 - 24/4/2012

- finished browser app
- finished 30% of SMS
- finished 50% of calendar
- finished 20% of social app
- finished 90% of dialer
- begun work on email

Begun serious work on design:
NOTE: We will have 4 default UI's:
-> WP(just style, not wp7 original look),
-> Android
-> IOS
-> Original and surprise :)

All the graphics are made from scratch, nothing in taken from another designs and all are vector so SkyD UI will be scalable at any DPI screen size and even on High Resolution Screens.

6.0 - 29/4/2012

- 90% of SMS
- 70% of calendar
- 80 of file/task manager

More work on:
- Email
- Gallery
- Clock
- Social

*** Begin work on UI and themes support
!! I've seen that a lot of designers have applied to test. In order to benefit from this, we will provide tutorials for building UI's(working with xml and such). Thus our 4 official UI's will be done by our designer, and if anyone wants to provide his own he will be able to easily do so


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So I've decided to keep the third post as a personal blog where I can share my thoughts about the project, your comments and what else come in my mind. So let's begin.


In about a day my project got over 24 pages on Google. So many that I got bored counting :D. This looks really promising, never imagined this level of success. Also first page on XDA.

Managed to read a few and there are two things that were not quite right. One article said that I should change the name to metroid. I don't think so, that will mean M$ flame :) . Also another thing is the supposition that all team members are xda guys. Only one is(which wants no money or IR), the rest are paid devs. There is no chance that free time devs will finish this project in time. Hope I made clear some things.

Also this week meteo and new contacts will be finished. Next week IM with AIM,MSN,Yahoo,GTalk,Skype,Facebook and Jabber support will be finished. Tell me if you use others as well.

Edit: Thanks to the guy who emailed me to remind me of Facebook chat.


So I thought more about the prices and there will be 2 options:

In app purchase for ads free with
Google - 2.50$
Paypal - 1.89$

Why is it cheaper with paypal?
Google fee is 30%(thievery) and it registers as payment and thus I have to pay taxes. Paypal fee is 0.33$+1% and it registers as donation. I will receive about the same amount in the end(a little less for G option)

So paypal is a better option for all of us, even if some of you hate PayPal. Hope the lower price will encourage you to use it.

Also there will be an update with pics and a video showing more of the UI most likely this weekend. :D

That's it for now. Stay tuned!!!
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Nov 7, 2008
Thanks for your efforts and hard work! This looks promising.
I will definitely be keeping my eye on this project.


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Jul 21, 2010
I would love to test it on my Evo 4G. Plus, it would be a great late Birthday present (b-day is in March).


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Dec 7, 2010
I'd also love to be a betatester with my optimus 2x

Looks really great, hope you get this fast done .... really seems to be the future UI
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    Thread closed - PM sent to OP.
    I don't get why people who haven't donated are worried if this is real or not. This is not some app that can be easily made. It's a entire UI. It obviously takes time. A set date can go wrong any day, bugs appear etc. If you've donated you have all rights to complain about it not being here and no proof etc. If you haven't you should just shut the hell up and let the devs do the work.
    Someone get a mod in here and clean this up.
    Let's keep it friendly and constructive guys, or just don't post.
    SMS is 90% done? That doesn't look like the pictures from the OP at all...Sorry but this project has been going on for months now and with "paid" devs, we'd think that you'd be farther along by now. Especially when the op complains about donations every other post

    Sent from my Nexus S using XDA

    There's a little bug with the ui showing up on some devices, mine happened to have that bug.

    Have you ever built something like this from scratch? This stuff takes a while, paid dev or not.

    Unless you personally have donated money or are paying the project, you shouldn't be complaining over something you have nothing to do it, this goes for everyone.
    U want 7.5k, have no donations and still asking for donations? Hmmmmm

    If this is a genuine project Is it worth it? There's a thing i heard " you have to spend money to make money"

    Not " you have to spend other peoples money to make yourself more money"

    Maybe this thread should be locked

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