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Question Slow downloads in Playstore (speeds up after deleting data of playstore)

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Senior Member
Jan 18, 2007
Hey Everyone,

my problem is - very often the downloads from Google Play are very slow. (About 300kbit/s)
When I stop the download and go to Apps --> Google Play and then delete the Data, then open the playstore again and download the same file, it will be much faster. (at least one magnitude, about 3-8mb/s)

Any ideas?
My Wifi is the same as before and my internet-provider does provide 100mbit/s, which is being realistic about 50-90mbit/s in real life.



Senior Member
Mar 23, 2009
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
it seems that latest ROM updates (I think I have this on all AUB* ones) is weirdly strict on background activities and cuts every one of them. my whole device acts strangely - apps not showing notification or showing them late (hours later than they were supposed to show), my apps are not updating: I have to repeatedly FC play store, then clear its cache so that currently installing app changes state from downloading to installing, than do it again to change state fomr installing to installed etc. worked fine on AUA* ones. it is really annoying. btw I tried to clear cache and dalvik/art cache from recovery, but that did not help. I have not tried factory seset yet...
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