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Slow wireless charging?

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Senior Member
Jun 3, 2008
OnePlus 9
OnePlus 9 Pro
Just got my Mi 10 Global version today. I went through the usual base setup and all. I then wanted to see how long the device will take to charge on my 15w wireless charger... Only to see that the Mi 10 is charging around 200mA. It is so slow that the device is actually loosing power if I keep the display on ???

I have two 15 watts fast wireless chargers and using my Pixel 4 XL and Mi 9, I see absolutely no problem... Issue is only on the Mi 10.

Can anyone please check their phones to see if it is only me? Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.


New member
Apr 22, 2019
i have the 20w wireless pad. if i use the plug that came with mi10 (30w) it doesn't show that the pad charges with turbo even though this charger has an option of 27w charging. it needs the 27w that came with the pad in order to charge on 20w. i guess just use its own plug..