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Slowly Charge on Pixel Experience Plus [Custom Room]

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Oct 9, 2019
Hi I install a custom room in my Redmi 6a is Pixel Experience plus by megafon929
I have a issue when i want charge by usb to PC show me "charging slowly" i try install module to magisk but dosent work to me maybe isnt version to the device
i use the lastest version of magisk (23.0)
Ampere Show me 10-50 mA on PC and 200-300 in power
I try install [Magisk] Force Fast Charge by EmperorEye1993 [But dosent install module in my Magisk]

Update: I install webview app and now ampere show me 150-200ma if dont active transfer data down to 20 if i active this option.
Searching in my phone i found that i have' nt route: "Root/sys/kernel/fast_charge/force_fast_charge" i have until "kernel"
i dont have fast_charge and force_fast_charge maybe this is the problem
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