SM-A326B "Custom binary blocked by OEM lock"

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May 25, 2022
Sup lads, i've done some rooting back then just for some apps simple stuff.

Now i have this A32 SM-A326B that got the blue screen of death "Custom binary blocked by OEM lock" Security error. This phone has been flashed bla bla bla.

Worst part is, i didn't even ever try root the goddamn phone. The only "sketchy" app i had was youtubevanced and the vanced manager, of course for youtube without ads, maybe it caused it??
A few days ago, more like around 2 weeks ago, the phone started to act strange, it would randomly restart anytime, sometimes it would literally restart 3, 4 times in a row after booting, other times it would stay 6 hours on and then restart, it was completely random. I was suppossed to just take it to samsung and have it checked but i was busy. But today when i was at work the phone did it, and it literally would restart over and over and a glitched screen literally an all pixelated screen would show up. And then after doing this for a while, it blued screened of death for me.

The phone blue screens and oem lock, whenever booting. Recovery mode gets blue screened too.
I couldn't boot the "download mode?" but in this forum i saw a trick to hold both volume up and down, and Then connect the usb cabble, and not press the power button at all. and this worked for me.
in this mode the phone says it's FRP LOCK: ON and OEM LOCK: ON
i Tried flashing it with odin, no success., i don't even give a **** about the data, it's a work phone so the most important stuff there are cell numbers, a fresh restart is fine by me.
Then i thought it was me ****ing up the firmware download I tried downloading the firmware with Frija. With correct CSS. No success.
I don't give a **** about the data inside of it. I just trying to make this goddamn thing work again. I'm not really tech savvy, but not very dumb either.
I'll try whatever else i see here, at this point i don't even care anymore, if i completely finish up bricking up this thing, i'll just take it to samsung and pay them for fix it for me.
I'll wait a few days for some replies and use a older phone for work meanwhile, after that i'll just take it to samsung, i don't even care anymore at this point.

Any thoughts really?