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    hey everyone figured id write up a quick little guide on rooting your s5 mini model SM-g800f on android 4.4.2
    lets crack on and I hope it helps you out
    this is my first guide so feedback is greatly appreciated :)

    Things you are going to need
    before you begin you will need a few things
    1. Your device ( for this guide I am focusing on the sm-g800f in particular)
    2. a USB cable and access to a pc
    3. files from this site (credit to : chainfire)
    4. Samsung USB drivers (i recommend Kies for this)

    Device Prep
    ok so you have all that you need lets crack on
    firstly you will need to download the files from the link above and extract the folder to your desktop
    now on your device you need to put it into download mode after plugging it in
    to do this simply plug your device into the USB port on your PC and turn it off
    then hold volume down , home and power.
    if done right you will see a warning screen just press volume up to confirm you know what you are doing

    The Root
    once your device is connected and in download mode (see above) you are ready to roll
    simply right click odin and run as administrator you should see the box in the top right of Odin is blue and say Com 0 connected or similar.
    check the box next to pda and click the PDA button.
    from here select the auto root file and click start
    that's all there is to it
    let it work its magic and when your device reboots it should say updating android if you haven't rooted before just relax this is normal and it is simply installing superuser to your device

    Post rooting tips&apps

    so you are rooted eh?
    well done the hard part is over from here i personally always do the following
    tap on superSU and you will be prompted to disable Knox security ( Knox limits what you can do once rooted disabling it makes your life easier)
    i also usually install x posed and busy box as well as lucky patcher

    if this is too much to read I've made a quick video guide too this is me doing the entire rooting process from start to end and worth a look of anything stumps you :)