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Jun 18, 2016
Hello quick question

Does anyone know and has tested if this method works on Galaxy S7 BRA1? (see the attached pictures for my model details), I just want to root my phone to enable the multi user function, I do not care if samsung pay is disable and / or knox is activated.

As far as I know the multi user function can only be activated on a rooted device editing the build.prop.
Any help will be highly appreciated.



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Feb 22, 2018
I did not disable the DM service first and now I have no phone/text/internet. Is there a way to get the Stock Boot.img so i can get it past the dm check?

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I did not disable the DM service first and now I have no phone/text/internet. Is there a way to get the Stock Boot.img so i can get it past the dm check?
I then flashed the BRAT1 firmware thinking it would reinstall the boot but i still have the locked boot screen. Please help.


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Jan 5, 2011
Your files are trash specifically the ones you have on devhost are infected with adware and this isn't a false positive: two OD scanners came back with the same adware so repost the file or someone else have the G930A .zip somewhere? The same non infected file?
Im just trying to root a G930P I got for my dad... SO any assistance is much appreciated... I tried to flash the old firmware it didnt work so I had to go back to the firmware he had. Which did work I assume this method still works on nougat which is what this guide is for?
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Apr 10, 2017
Does anyone know and has tested if this method works on Galaxy S7 BRA1? (see the attached pictures for my model details), I just want to root my phone to enable the multi user function, I do not care if samsung pay is disable and / or knox is activated.

As far as I know the multi user function can only be activated on a rooted device editing the build.prop.
Any help will be highly appreciated.


Did you ever manage to root your phone? I need someone with one of these phones rooted (on BRA1) in order to make an unbrick method for SBL error brick. If you did or do manage to get it rooted I would appreciate it if you mention it. I just need you to run a few commands to copy the bootloader and I can post the guide on how to unbrick these bad boys.


Apr 10, 2017
Has ANYONE on binary 5 been able to root this phone? If so please let me know.
All I need is for you to run a few commands to copy the bootloader section of the memory and upload it and you will be bringing a dead phone back to life (and at least a few dozen others, as the problem is fairly prevalent with technicians for this model)


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May 7, 2013
i have samsung s7 sprint g930p, when i connect my phone with pc it shows in device manager as (HS-USB QDLoader 9008) so i hope you can help with it...

i just check out in web some unbrick guide/mehtod in samsung devices, then i found sd card Debrick image file. some people make and try in hard brick phone and most of people says it work and phone entering in download mode.
refrence i found in here

Now i know about this whole procedure and now I require working handset debrick image file, if anyone can make and share it would be great for me and for all the people who face this issue.
For making debrick image just proceed this command in windows pc
make sure in your pc latest samsung mobile driver install
open command prompt in your windows pc
and enter folling command 1 by 1
================================================== =============================
adb shell
dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/sdcard/debrick_s7.img bs=1024 count=262144
================================================== =============================
when its done command prompt cusor blink in new line. just restart your phone and check in internal
storage file created name as "debrick_s7.img"

plz share in google drive , mega or any web upload
I would highly appreciate the help.

[email protected]:/# adb shell
heroqltespr:/ $ su
/system/bin/sh: su: not found
/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/sdcard/debrick_s7.img bs=1024 count=262144
dd: /dev/block/mmcblk0: Permission denied
sorry lol


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Oct 25, 2018
So it cant be rooted?

and now my watch begins too...

idk how to forum, sorry. But does this root not work?? I've been trying to root for days but I cant get any reliable information and now I just have a bricked s7 and no idea whats going on. What happened to the days of eaasy rooting Q______Q aside from that all this posts links are jacked up and just download viruses. Very upsetting.


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Jul 10, 2010
Hello, anyone have the latest PRL file that can be flashed?

Or know how i can update the PRL manually without loosing root?

Thank You

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    Below, not only will you find step by step instructions on how to root your device but also a FAQ section in post #2 that will guide you through the problems most of us encountered in the beginning. It is highly recommended that you read through all of it. Basic knowledge of ADB is required and if you don't have it then you should definitely read the FAQ section for ADB set up. Make sure you have all the files downloaded.

    Update 10/25/2016: Attached at the end of this thread is a modified debloat script for knox removal and a few other apps. This will make your root experience a heck of a lot smoother than before. Just flash the zip using FlashFire without changing any settings. You may notice a reboot or two. There are few bloatware apps that will still be there (amazon shopping, amazon videos, amazon photos, etc) that you'll have to remove manually. Happy flashing and don't forget to hit that Thanks button down below!

    • This root method is NOT for beginners. It is NOT easy. If you don't get it then DON'T do it. Especially if you're worried about voiding the warranty and blah blah blah. Simply put, don't do it if you don't have the slightest idea of what you're doing. I'm tired of complaints. This guide is not for the faint of heart. Do this at your own risk!
    • Package Disabler Pro is required to get this rooting method working. Yes, it costs money ($.99) but it's the way I acheived this work around at the moment.
    • Be prepared to lose data (LTE) connection but don't be scared as it's an easy fix.
    • Make sure you don't have Secure startup set up before you start the process. Having this set up causes issues.
    • Must have ADB set up and installed system-wide.
    • This root method should be used with PE1 firmware for both the GS7 and the GS7 Edge. Although this root method might work with the latest firmware, users have been reporting issues dealing with APN's on the newest update. Look at post 2 FAQ's returning to stock for flashing PE1 firmware through Odin.
    • Do not update to PJ2 if you want to keep service with your root. Phone calls and text messages won't come through after rooting on PJ2.

    Files you will need:
    Click on the BLUE "download" links. Extract everything into a folder easy to locate.

    Here we go:
    1. After downloading and getting set up Package Disabler Pro, you'll need to disable the following three packages:

      • samsung dm phone interface
      • samsung dm service
      • securityLogAgent.

      Use the search box to easily find these packages.

    2. Power off your device and boot into download/bootloader mode by pressing and holding the volume down, home, and the power button. Press volume up to get into bootloader.
    3. Open PrinceComsy odin and flash the engineer boot.img by clicking AP and navigating to the file for your model. Click start and your device should reboot by itself.
    4. Enable developer options by going to Settings>About Device and tapping Build Number till it shows Developer mode has been turned on. You will now have Developer options under the settings menu.
    5. Enable USB debugging in the Developer options settings.
    6. Extract the SuperSU zip and run the root.bat file. Your phone will reboot if the script is successfully ran.
    7. Next, we'll get LTE data back:

      • Method A: BuildProp Editor (easiest method)

        Open Build.Prop with BuildProp Editor and change the following settings:

        ro.cdma.default_numeric=310000 to 310120
        ro.cdma.default_alpha=Chameleon to Sprint to Sprint

        Make sure you grant root permissions when it asks. You may have to try this twice. Reboot and LTE should stick.

      • Method B: Manual activation (also if you're not able to make any calls)

        Enable the three packages disabled in step 1. Go into the phone dialer and type in ##72786# and your phone should reboot and begin the activation process. After the 5th retry, it will manually activate itself. It should say "writing to device". Don't click done yet. Press the home button and disable the three packages once again. Reboot.

        Alternatively, after renabling the three packages and dialing ##72786#, you can go into Settings>Activate this device and manually try to activate it yourself. It still must say "writing to device". Don't click done. Disable the packages once again. Reboot. Voice and LTE should stick.

    8. Download to your internal or external storage and install install FlashFire from the playstore.
    9. Open FlashFire and let it acquire root access. Click the + button at the bottom right corner then click on Flash ZIP or OTA. Navigate and select the file. Leave the options alone and click the check in the top right. Scroll down to the bottom and click flash. Your phone will reboot and flash the zip. This can take a while.
    10. Go to Settings>Lock screen and security>Other security settings>Security policy updates and turn off "Automatic updates" and "Wi-Fi only". Reboot. This seems to be the culprit of the 7 day soft brick.
    11. Open back up Package Disabler Pro and search for "software update". Disable both packages ( and com.wssyncmldm)
    12. Enjoy your rooted device with minimal to almost no lag.
    13. ???
    14. Profit.

    As always, be sure to donate to the people who actually helped achieved root: @Princecosmy, @br3w3r, and @Chainfire
    For the bounty donate to [email protected] PayPal

    Shout out to @psouza4, @izzibew26, @mhill1986, @LeftyGR, @Soooperstar, and to all of you who are contributing in making this root method easier everyday. Thanks for the feedback.

    Originally, it started getting interesting at post #185:

    I'm also keeping track of the Sprint Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935P) version:
    1. My WiFi credentials keep on getting erased after a reboot. What gives?
      A: This seems to be an issue across all the QC S7 variants. Here's what I did to fix it. Download BuildProp Editor and change: to

      Credit goes out to: @guaneet for this fix

    2. Can I install Xposed?
      A: Yep. Here's how to do it:
      Alright. Here is a DB link of the two files I had installed to get xposed working. To flash this you will need flashfire.
      Process is simple. Download both files and install the apk.

      Open flashfire> select flash new file> find the xposed zip, flash. Give it a solid 5-7 minutes during boot up.

      Ensure you do not have any major packages disabled and ensure you have BACKED UP YOUR ROM VIA FLASHFIRE. Please be aware, this was successful for me on the 935T and I do have random reboots at time. I cannot confirm this is the cause yet. I would also suggest finding the uninstall zip in the event you have issues you can flashfire back.


      Credit goes out to: @fnztakedown for these instructions

    3. I'm having issues with ADB. Any help?
      A: Easiest way to install ADB and its subsequent drivers would be to get it from here:
      It's SO easy to install and it takes most if not all of the hassle out of it.
      Credit to @Snoop05 for this easy ADB installer.

    4. How do I enable USB debugging?
      A: Go to Settings>About device and tap Build number until it shows Developer options has been enabled.

    5. I'm stuck on the LTE splash screen. What do I do?
      A: Press and hold the Volume Down + Power button down until your phone restarts. If you keep on getting stuck at the LTE splash screen you may have to factory reset your device. As soon as your phone restart quickly press the volume up + home + power button and let it boot into recovery. Wipe data/factory reset and cache partition.

    6. I'd like to unroot and return to factory stock. How would I go about this?
      A: Head on over to @psouza4's post HERE and follow his steps in the return to stock section. The steps are easy and he's posted mostly all the firmware.

      [*]Does this method trip Knox?
      A: No, it doesn't. And flashing back to stock will allow Knox to work again, as long as you didn't flash files from other sources (there are some that will trip Knox, so be careful).

      [*]Does Samsung Pay work?
      A: No, sorry. They can detect the rooted boot environment through a driver, so you can't even hide root from the app using RootCloak.

      [*]Does Android Pay work?
      A: It does, but you have to make a change that disables root and then reboot your phone. You can toggle this back/forth without flashing, but you either get root or Android Pay at any one time.

      [*]What happens if I brick my phone?
      A: As long as there are stock images to flash back to, it's almost impossible to do this no matter how badly the process goes. Check that we have stock images; if we do, then we can always flash them over the device using the unroot method in this guide. That practically guarantees a return-to-stock experience for a phone as long as it doesn't have any serious physical damage preventing it from powering on.

      [*]I installed the ADB system-wide on my Windows computer/laptop, but I see "'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".
      A: Your user profile path can't contain a space. That means if your Windows user is 'Somebody Nice' and thus your Windows user path is 'C:\Users\Somebody Nice', the install will fail. You can create another user on your computer (if prompted for a Microsoft login, choose to make only a local account) and enter a short, single-word name for your user. Sign into and use that user profile instead. Also, the path where you extract the SuperSU package can't contain a space, so try extracting them to somewhere simple like perhaps C:\S7Root.

    More answers to FAQ's to come.
    PSA: I've added stock Odin-flashable images to my root/unroot guide for the following carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular (already had Verizon) for both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This covers models SM-G930A, SM-G935A, SM-G930P, SM-G935P, SM-G930T, SM-G935T, SM-G930R, SM-G935R, SM-G930V, and SM-G935V. These files are hosted on my unlimited-bandwidth GoDaddy dump server, so enjoy them ad-free.
    For all those who are still unable to edit APN settings to enable free hotspot feature. I am on PG1 and my APN settings remain grey. My phone is rooted, so I ended up downloading aSQLiteManager and editing /data/data/ Don't use the UI to edit records since it screws up other fields, for example will replace empty strings with nulls, etc. Just run the query: update carriers set type='default,mms,dun' where type='default,mms'. Make sure you save the changes you made to the database when you exit the app. Reboot and enjoy free hotspot.
    Easier updated root method coming your way. Still have to disable this and flash that but it's more streamlined.

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