SM-G950U/U1/W Android 9/Pie Stock Roms With Safestrap Recovery-US Snapdragon Models-Will Work For Phones That Won't Boot With DRK Verity Failed Errors

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Aug 9, 2009
You can have safestrap on pie android 9 which gives you some ability to modify system files flash zips etc and have access too data and other partitions that are normally blocked but you can not run root on android 9 because root on android 9 requires a modified boot image.
Phone that fail DRK or DM-Verity check in recovery and wont boot this will work on those.
All Samsung stock rom features will work just like a fully stock rom will

Anything here with a .7z extension will get unzipped before using
Anything here with a .zip extension will get flashed as zip in safestrap
Anything here with a .tar or .md5 gets flashed in odin
Anything here with a .img extension gets flashed as image in safestrap

Additional Help Can Be Found In The Telegram Channel
Telegram Channel For 8 Series Root

Stock Rom Feature:
Safestrap Recovery- Can be used to modify system etc
Safetynet Passes
Samsung Pay,Pass,Secure Folder Working
Google Pay Working
Samsung Cloud Enabled
Places Tab Enabled Verizon
Spam Caller Id Enabled Verizon
Call Recording Enabled Verizon
Native Status Bar Speed Meter Enabled Verizon
Custom Boot Animation
Native Hotspot Enabled
Multi User Support

G950U1UEU8DVD4_SAFESTRAP.7z -- US Carrier Unlocked U1 Firmware
G950USQU8DUJ1_SAFESTRAP.7z -- US Carrier Firmware U Firmware
G950WVLU8CUF3_SAFESTRAP.7z -- Canadian Firmware

Prerequisites Before Flashing Pie With Safestrap Roms

You must have safestrap installed. Method too achieve this found Here

Pie With Safestrap Roms

1. Copy pie system image to your phone while phone is booted normally the image is too big too copy while booted in safestrap. This image will be flashed in safestrap using install tab and the the flash image tab at bottom. System images get flashed too system partition

2. After done flashing pie rom on initial flash of pie system image in safestrap you need to wipe data in safestrap reboot too download and flash BL_G95******_LEAVE_SAFESTRAP_V8.tar.md5 in BL slot in odin and G950U_CACHE_FORCE_REBOOT_V8.tar.md5 in Userdata slot in odin the phone will boot too stock recovery where you need to wipe cache and reboot .

3. Rebooting too stock recovery only needs to be done on initial pie system image flash or a reflash of a system image in safetrap. Rebooting back too safe strap and leaving will only require flashing BL_G95******_LEAVE_SAFESTRAP_V8.tar.md5 in odin BL slot and you can just let phone boot normally.

4. To enter safestrap on pie rom you will need too reboot too download mode and flashBL_ENG_BOOTLOADERS_SAFESTRAP_G95**_V8.tar.md5 in odin BL slot and when phone reboots it will reboot directly too safestrap. This may take a few seconds too up to a minute so be patient.

5. To leave safestrap and return too rom reboot too download mode and flash BL_G95******_LEAVE_SAFESTRAP_V8.tar.md5 in BL slot of odin and just let phone boot normally

6. Sometimes in safestrap when flashing zips you may get an error about failing too unmount system/resources busy most of the time this doesnt affect anything but if you get the error it would be a good idea to reboot recovery before flashing or doing anything else required in recovery.

Video Instructions
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Aug 9, 2009
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Aug 9, 2009
So what can I do with a stock rom with no root and safestrap
Ever want diiferent boot animation
Ever want stock call recording
How about host adblocking?
How about access to data partition?
How about ability to delete or add apps to system apps?
How about make real data backups?
How about add particular CSC features or easily change CSC code?
How about add a CSC code not available on stock phone?
How about bypass certain hotspot restrictions?
How about edit the build.prop to maybe add multiuser support
These are just a few things you can do with safetrap?
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