SM-G965U G965USQS4CSC8 & SM-G965U1 G965U1UEU4CSC7 Apr-21-19 Official PIE Firmware

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    Download official G965USQS4CSC8 (carrier) and G965U1UEU4CSC7 (unlocked) firmware for the SM-G965U and SM-G965U1 here. You can flash either onto a SM-G965U or SM-G965U1 using the patched Odin linked below. Flashing back and forth is safe because they are both on bootloader version 4.

    Patch Level:
    Carrier SM-G965U 04-01-19 (CSC8)
    Unlocked SM-G965U1 03-01-19 (CSC7)

    So, what is userdata?
    A lot of people think this is carrier bloat only. However, userdata also contains the files necessary to activate carrier specific features. Without it, you may not be able utilize all of the carrier features that the phone is capable of providing. Please note that carrier userdata may not be available for your carrier.

    SM-G965U1 (unlocked version) users read here:
    Drawbacks of flashing carrier version G965USQS4CSC8 firmware on the unlocked phone (SM-G965U1):
    • CallerID no longer works unless you subscribe to carriers CallerID service.
    • Installs carrier bloat.

    Benefits of flashing carrier version G965USQS4CSC8 firmware on the unlocked version phone (SM-G965U1):
    • Will enable all carrier specific features (video calling, etc, etc).

    SM-G965U (carrier version) users read here:
    Drawbacks of flashing unlocked version G965U1UEU4CSC7 firmware on the carrier version phone (SM-G965U):
    • Will disable all carrier specific features (video calling, etc, etc).

    Benefits of flashing unlocked version G965U1UEU4CSC7 firmware on the carrier version phone (SM-G965U):
    • CallerID works without subscribing to carriers CallerID service.
    • Eliminates carrier bloat.

    Installation Instructions:
    Reboot to download mode:
    1. Power off your Galaxy S9 Plus completely until it vibrates.
    2. Press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby + Power buttons simultaneously. Release the buttons when you see the warning message.
    3. Now just press Volume up button to continue.
    4. Congratulations, you're now in download mode.
    Connect your phone to your PC:
    1. Start the patched Odin 3.13.1 that you downloaded from the provided link.
    2. Plug the cord your phone came with into your phone and PC. Other cords may not work.
    3. The Odin log will display a <ID:0/005> Added!! message once it connects.
    Flash the firmware:
    1. First, extract the compressed firmware to a folder on your PC.
    2. In Odin, begin with the BL (bootloader) box, navigate to the firmware folder and select the file beginning with BL_.
    3. Wait for each file to initialize and appear to the right of its corresponding box before attempting to proceed to the next step.
    4. Now select the AP (Application Processor aka System) box, it should open the correct folder, then select the file beginning with AP_.
    5. AP takes a while to initialize, don't worry.
    6. Now select the CP (Core Processor aka modem) box, then select the file beginning with CP_.
    7. Now select the CSC (Consumer Software Customization aka Carrier Settings) box, then select the file beginning with CSC_.
    8. Choose HOME_CSC to not wipe your phone, or CSC_ (preferred option when switching between unlocked and carrier versions) to wipe your phone .
    9. Optionally, select the userdata (User Data) box, then select the file beginning with USERDATA_.
    10. Now, click start and wait for the magic.
    11. Disconnect the cord when the phone reboots.
    12. The phone should boot to recovery to automatically cleanup, then reboot again.

    If you already have it, why not upload it to G Drive and save a lot of time?
    It's also available via the samfirm tool. Downloaded it in about 5 minutes.
    TMB, CHA, VZW userdata for G965USQU3CSAB uploading now.

    On T-Mobile, this supports RCS Universal Profile 1.0 and adds Band 28 to roaming capabilities.
    Yea I remember those days... Well truth is I haven't rooted.. I was considering it until I read the warranty part... My point is, the reason I want it rooted is because I want to use some modded applications. I researched further and found out I could use some without even rooting. So i tried downloading Spotify mod app, but unfortunately it didn't work. I couldn't get recent application for it, what I kept getting was an outdated mod app. In all it didn't work. So am asking if there's a way to use mod apps without rooting the phone. Thank you

    You'll have to wait until someone mods the latest app. Or, you could just pay for Spotify. For the record, I used to use a modded Spotify, and they typically patch within a day or two of a modded apk being released. They may have finally switched to server side authentication which is why your likely not seeing an updated version. I stopped bothering because it's just a cat and mouse game. I didn't feel like Spotify was worth it, so I moved on.

    I find Google Play Music is a better deal. I get add-free YouTube, and all the same music as Spotify, for the same price.

    On a side note, I don't believe Xda allows modded apks that bypass paid features. There are sites that cater to such things, but I'm pretty sure it's a no-no here. They tend to support devs / companies as opposed to cheating them out of money.
    Hi dude, I have 2 questions, I just buy S9+ 965U sprint unlock running U3ARH7 can I flash this 965U1's fw? and What is CSC in U1 fw? thanks

    Hi, you can flash the U1 firmware on the Sprint 965U. You need to use the patched Odin linked in the OP. The CSC file included is for multiple carriers. When flashing it will read your sim and setup accordingly.