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SM-G991U Tethering usb/usb to ethernet

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Senior Member
Mar 18, 2010
I have the T-Mo version of the SM-G991U.. I can plug my Phone via the usb cable into my Asus AC68U router without an issue. It stays on 5g, mods the header to 65 without throttling... but I would prefer using the belkin USB C to ethernet adapter with PD to plug into a separate power supply to alleviate strain on the router's power and plug directly into ethernet. The issue I'm having is the phone forces it to Ethernet tethering which in turn forces the phone into a 4g slow as dirt speed, drops the 5g bar to 4g, data speeds down to 2g.... Is there a way to bypass that issue so I can use a usb to ethernet adapter without it slowing down to a crawl? work and live in an RV 9 months out of the year.

I've just added Tmo to my mobile data devices, coming from Verizon where I have the Moto Z Force, and never really had the thought of rooting except for hotspot bypass. Been close to 4 years since I had a samsung phone (note4).. Not really concerned with knox, so root is fine. I just want to get a better option for my network. I use Speedify with a 8800L version gUDP, my Z force over pda net, and now I hope to add this phone as a 3rd bonded network to my network cab.