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Somehow I think AUDA update was better battery wise
For me, AUE1 seems better overall.

Specifically, the stand-by drain has reduced significantly.

I spent this weekend mostly watching TV and playing games, so wasn't using the phone heavily.

Was surprised that i got two and a half days of use on a single charge with 5+ hours of screen time.

The SOT is nothing to write home about (for a single day's use, it ranges from 6-7 hrs nowadays - up from the 5-5.5 hours in the first month), but I've never had such low standby drain on this phone before. That's where I'm pleased to see a significant improvement.


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Sep 20, 2012
Exynos AUE1.

Glad Samsung managed to bring the exynos on par...


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    You can post what you feel about the update here .

    For me

    1) qr code in camera app is way faster
    2) camera doesnt heat up the phone now
    3) gaming also runs cooler
    4) animations are better
    5) expect an sot of 1h more than you got with april update.

    Looking for more changes ..

    Tell me in comment .

    I think samsung is doing a great job ,
    I was about to trade off my s21 ultra with mi 11 ultra , but this update has stopped me doing so.
    Nice! Very much looking forward to getting the update now.

    Photo processing seems better too.

    Look at this photo I took today. It's sharp, detailed and HDR is awesome.
    Excellent edge detection in portrait.
    Animations much much smoother.
    Battery life is better.
    Good job Samsung with this update.

    Flashed it via odin, then cleaned cache partition.
    Patiently waiting here in UK too...
    That looks great, really sharp image. Are you on Exynos? I've seen some videos where the screen animations look smoother too.
    Yeah it's really sharp. Yes S21 Ultra Exynos. The device is really smooth