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SM-N975F/DS Possible to flash N975F roms?

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New member
Oct 15, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
I´ve looked at the search, but couldnt really find anything, so before I brick it, Im sorry to disturb you guys.

Im from germany, had a note 10+ (975F) since july last year, was very happy with it and had its settings tailored to my liking.
that one broke, fell down, display 50% dead, touch impaired, the likes. fortunately enough i have an insurance for it, and they sent me a new one yesterday,
Was very happy, didnt think anything bad up until i tried to set it up like the old one.
Cause that one registers in the info screen as N975F/DS, which is apparently the international dual sim version.
and the software is just bloody atrocious.

my google news feed has been replaced with the worst samsung **** (samsung free) with no optiuon to turn it back, all the text is so fricking small, and even after scaling it up, all the apps just do what they want, some way too big, some way too small. in short- for me it is simply not workable, but an expensive paperweight at that point.

So long story short, can I just take the EU N975F Firmware and flash it to an N975F/DS version or will I brick it with that? if that doesent work, can i get said functionality back with a different build? if not will N975 ROMs like Lineage work on a N975F/DS or will that brick it too?

Help greatly appreciated, its been quite some time since i last flashed android phones, back in that day CyanogenMod was the hot **** xD
I have N975/DS, but I don't recognise your complaints. Is your N975/DS updated to latest official FW?

The firmware for N975 and N975/DS is one and the same. No need to flash...
Do not know what the version on your former N975 was (updated to the last or did you skip regular FW updates?) but be aware you cannot flash earlier firmware with lower BL-version than the current on your phone.