[SM-T111/T110] NB2]V1-Dr.Ketan's Custom control ROM DeOdexed|Prerooted|Multi DPI

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Jan 26, 2023
Good morning I installed the rom, beautiful but I have a problem. The wifi connection works but the play store doesn't work it tells me "no connectionI can't update or install apps . the galaxy store works I did all the things I found online but it doesn't work. Can you help me thank you.
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    [T111 NB2][07.04.14]Dr.Ketan's Custom control ROM DeOdexed|Prerooted|AROM|Multi DPI
    Hello friends,
    May be some of here from Note series family familiar with me, recently purchased Galaxy Tab 3 Neo SM-T111 for my son and made some custamization and sharing here.

    This ROM is based on T111 but some users ( @bmaggot and @mywingflys reported working fine on T110 as well, don't select any Modem from aroma while install on T110. Also telephone part of this ROM won't work on T110 (hardware limitation)

    ROM features for V1

    Based on T111XXUBNB2_T111ODDBNB2_INS

    ROM flasher file itself is Multitool and having some extra option like

    -Inbuilt Aroma file manager in case anything go wrong while playing device with different mods, you can manage to explore device from recovery
    -EFS Backup/Restore
    -Modem flasher
    -Customized Bloatware remover, select only app you don't want.(including Knox)
    -Customized bloatware restor (all bloatware you have removed can be restore later with this)
    -LockScreen Password cleaner
    -GPS changer (select according your location)

    Inbuilt features

    Pre rooted , Zip aligned
    30 battery Mod
    (inbuilt 30 battery MOD including stock, you can change battery icon on the fly (without reboot) To change icon tap battery icon three times from status bar. Don't select show battery option in setting. tap battery icon 3 times on status bar, you will get option for battery percent, select from there.
    Ad Free
    Call Recording -
    4 Way Reboot mod
    Camera Hack - Use camera with Flash at low battery
    Dr.Ketan Utilities

    This utilities includes (click on desired function to implemet, text will turn blue for fraction of time if applied) You can turn ON/OFF any of utilities anytime. By default all functions are turned OFF.
    • Auto record Incoming call
    • Auto Record Outgoing call
    • Auto GPS (GPS will auto ON with some common app needs GPS)
    • Auto Wifi (Wifi will be turn off if remains disconnected for 10min)
    • Auto Blutooth (will be turn off if remains unpaired for 10min)
    • Smart Network (Mob data will be switched off after 30 sec of screen off)
    • Media scanner Enable/Disable

    Advanced function SecMMs
    • Group messeging
    • Schedule msg
    • Recipient limit 999
    • Disable SMS-MMS
    • Raise SMS/hr limit
    • Split view toggle in setting menu
    • Increased MMS max size
    • Increased size of image
    • No SMS to MMS with Emoji

    Optional Features Mod section

    A.SystemUI Mods
    • Restore 30 battery mod - This mod by default available in ROM select only if you have changed,
    • Restore Stock battery, Traffic meter and power button mods not compatible with stock, compatible to wanam battery module
    • Rt speed meter (downloading speed) Internet meter on Rt side opp to clock,
    • Lt speed meter Internet meter on Lt side,
    • 8 Extra toogle on notification area, Hard Button savior. (recent app,call logs,Music,Sound,Browser,search,Home and power)
    • Quick Launch in Notification, (Selectable application icons)
    • 8 Extra toogle & Quick Launch on notification area,
    B.Extra Mods
    • Toggle 2G, control 3G
    • Camera sound Hack,
    • Transparent ACcuweather,
    • Remove Ad Free,
    • Manual Call record This will add record button on call screen in place of Add call
    • Transparent Genie widget, Google news and weather Transparent widget,
    • Hidden cerberus, You needs to have purchased from play store,
    • Floating window. All application from multiwindow open as Floating window.

    - Multi DPI
    Option to select 130/160(stock)

    -Sound MOD
    Viper Mod

    -Aroma Optional CSC features with Backup/Restore option (some features not tested) (some functions may not works )
    Enable camera during call
    Enable Popup Notification
    Shutter sound Menu
    Enable Sub Menu Symbol KB
    Raise name lenth limit
    Max speed dial 100
    Enable call button
    Enable export to SD
    Raise recepient limit 999
    SMS to MMS threshold 999
    Enable folder view
    Enable font features
    Enable schedule msg
    Disable phone nu formatting
    Phonebook digit matching
    Launcher Rotation
    Web exit option
    Wifi client 10 for MobAP
    MultiWindow addOn App
    Calender export
    Email White BG
    Clock enable Auto on off menu
    Voice call waitingtone 60
    National Roaming Icon enable
    Web default desktop site

    -Optional Build.prop Tweak ROM according your choice
    3G data speed improvement
    Battery saving
    Wifi connect disconnect speed
    Deep Sleep
    Higner image quality
    Improve Inetrnet speed
    Increase touch responsiveness
    Fast Boot
    Faster scrolling

    -Push system files from SD card

    -Select your own region GPS fixer

    - ROM flashing is Optional, you can use this as Utility tool too.
    - wanam Xposed compitible
    Installation Guide and Download
    - Installation Guide

    T111-NB2_Dr.Ketan Custom ROM V1

    - Mirror
    MD5 - 97A6B8823A179004A3F4B74ABC4EFE9A

    Bugs & FIX

    - 4 way reboot menu have some problem if you select to reboot to recovery. It reboots to recovery but later it won't boot normally unless flash stock recovery. Here is stock Recovery, Extract it first to get Stock_recovery_T111.tar.md5 then you can flash with Odin and later reflash TWRP.

    - Here is Long Press Menu kill app mod (also removed 4way reboot menu. will update once fix it.). Simply flash from TWRP recovery
    Sorry guys, As said earlier not possible to extend support on this ROM as I have made only one version for my son and since more than a year he also changed the device.
    What I can help is just managed for mirror and already posted on Post #2
    Thanks all.
    As I have said earlier, do not have much plan to be more active on Tab series, also don't own T210 so quite difficult to manage. Actually I have share here just bcoz there were no single thread about Root T111 nither any ROM. I have made for my son and just shared to community, I am already busy with note series and difficult to spare more time here. Sorry hope you understand.