SM-T350 gets stuck in boot loop (unless it has power to the usb port).

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Sep 27, 2017
I'm hoping someone has seen this behavior of a Galaxy Tab A and knows how to fix it. So, I have a tablet that has a problem when it isn't charging on the usb port. Upon power up, many times it will just go into an endless boot loop. Sometimes it will boot to the OS and then at seemingly random times, will just reboot. It never does this if you keep it plugged in and charging. The battery has been replaced with a new one, and it didn't help a bit.

At the present time I have a stock rom on it that has been rooted. Previously it had just vanilla flavor stock rom. Both had the same problem. So, rooting didn't cause this problem.

Any insight would be appreciated. Is this a hardware problem? Software problem? Just the end of the useful life of a tablet?

Thanks in advance to all who reply.