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sm-t380 - Boot loop when I tried installing TWRP

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Feb 15, 2016
I did something stupid when trying to root a SM-T380 that I just got as a backup tablet. I am new to the samsung world and ODIN.

I got as far as flashing TWRP and booting into TWRP using the instructions from androidinfotech and I actually had to do this multiple times as the system kept rebooting (I did not uncheck the auto reboot at first) and resetting the boot loader.

So I got TWRP installed, but...

I was trying to clear the cache as the instructions were saying, but I could not get anything mounted and cleared. So I followed some stupid video that had me go into the advanced and change the file system to F2FS, wipe and then go back to I guess EXT4. Well, Now I am in a boot loop. I still can get into twrp and at this point would love to go back to stock and call it a day. I am "Slow" downloading a stock image for the device, but that is still hours from completion.

Is there anything I can try in twrp while i'm waiting?