SM-T510 ROM recommendation

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Sep 4, 2018
Hello all,

I have a Samsung tablet that will be most of the time inside my car since I use the android app "Hybrid Assistant" to monitor several parameters.

I have been reading several threads trying to inform myself so I can choose the right ROM, but I didn't find if there is a ROM that fulfills the following:

1.- When tablet is connected to USB, powered off and then gets power (when I turn my car on), it will turn on and boot directly to android.

2.- When it boots to android, it boots with root privilege automatically (i.e. it doesn't require the vol up + power button combination)

3.- Previous Bluetooth pairings are not forgotten after reboots (I read that there is a bug in some ROMs)

4.- This is not a must, but it would be cool if I can set a charging limit (i.e. the tablet will only be charged to 60% and not 100%, this way the battery is not stressed)

5.- Also not a must, but able to watch Netflix in 1080p.

I would appreciate if someone knows a ROM that fulfills all/most of the before mentioned points.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations


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