Sm-T510 Stuck in Bootloop

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Nov 20, 2013
Hey, I'm new here when it comes to writing forum posts, so bare with me.

I've had this tablet for a few years now and I had flashed it with one of Magendanz roms (Nexus Stock) and I wanted to change to the LineageOS rom he had. I downloaded the .zip file and copied it to my sdcard and tried to get into TWRP to flash it. I did restart to recovery in the OS and once it restarted, it's been doing a boot loop ever since. I have tried using Odin to flash the rom that way, but for some reason it'll keep doing a boot loop after it's done flashing and restart. I can try going back to the stock firmware if it's a final option to get this tablet working again, but I would love to see if I can get LineageOS to work.