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May 27, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Samsung Galaxy S6
So, after four months we've got finally un update :)


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Sep 13, 2022
Same here for Galaxy Tab S6 (SM-T860) as the March 2023 security update is available for most countries since some weeks : T860XXU4DWC4 from most official update websites (samfrew, samfw, sammobile, ...), or via software (Frija).

I was lazy to apply the update and yesterday I was surprised to see this update was available on my rooted Tab S6 via OTA... ^^
Of course I didn't apply it as it would break my system.

I will customize and patch the full official firmware (not OTA) so I can install it on my Tab.

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    this is a general thread about our stock Android firmware with One UI 4.1 now and it's later updates.
    We can exchange our experiences and discuss software changes etc. here.

    April 2020: Android Q. finally arrived :)

    March 2021: Android 11 (R) our second major update arrived nearly one year later :) (Will we get a third once ... ?)

    March 2022: Android 12 (S) arrived just on time one year later :) (it's even possible that we will get a fourth update and hopefully android L as an intermediate step)

    September 2022: Android 12L we've got OneUi 4.1.1 (is it the last Android version upgrade ... ?)

    How does one use the tablet as a pc screen? It's in the changelog
    I guess they lied everyone wants that feature and only the s7 has it. Even though it's in the changelog. Same thing with the s 10 lite it said it had object eraser in the camera in change log and it doesn't. Lol unreal samsung sucks. You have to buy the best and latest model every year to get the updates. Next year they do it again android oneui 4.0 will be on the next tablet and they will give it all the updates than when the s7 gets updated they will leave out all the cool features.
    Surprising, small update with November Patch ans stability improvement :)
    Does anyone have a changelog for the latest update that came out a couple of days ago?
    Just flashed it via Odin.

    Settings/Software Update/last Update/link should bring you there too.