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Smali patcher alternative A12 support

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An alternative way for Android 10 (Tested), Android 11 (Tested) & probs recently launched Android 12 (Not tested) If someone is using A12. Please do check. It should work.

1- Download & Install Riru from Magisk repository (Reboot)
2- Download & Install Riru - LSposed from Magisk repository (Reboot)
3- Download & install mockmocklocation app from xposed repos.
4- Switch on the mockmocklocation module inside LSposed app.
5- Switch on the module inside the LSposed app (Tick mark) for the app you want to spoof. For e.g Pokemon go or any app which you want to spoof.
6- Reboot.

This alternative way is basically for A12 however it's not tested but it should work. Try!
It's simple & easy. Until @fOmey doesn't update the patch for A12