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smart lock not working

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Senior Member
Mar 6, 2009
Kitchener ON
I was able to restore Smart Lock after the last system update. I disabled security options and rebooted. I was then able to reactive screen security and Smart Lock.

However, my Smart Lock has now been unavailable again.

Any ideas?

Upendra yadav

New member
Nov 21, 2018
Smart lock not working and fingerprint is missing from mi A2

First there is no setting for fingerprint in mi a2 and facelock is not working .
Can anyone please tell me why ?
How to solve this problem ?

Android please take care of this serious problems we people are facing ..


New member
Nov 26, 2018
Smart lock not working after pie update

After pie update my smart lock is not working and after 3 to 4 attempts face lock does not work. anyone else facing this problem?:confused:


Feb 18, 2018
OnePlus 7 Pro
Go to Settings-->Security and Location-->Trust Agents
Disable Smart Lock
Reboot ur device

Again Go to Settings-->Security and Location-->Trust Agents
Enable Smart Lock
Now Go to Smart Lock
You will not have White Screen

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    Found a solution over at MIUI-Forum:
    * deactivate smart-lock at trusted agents
    * restart device
    * reactivate smart-lock at trusted agents

    Worked for me, give it a try!
    smart lock feature suddenly it stopped working and only I see white screen on the smart lock settings page.

    Security and Fingerprint - Trusted Agents - Smart Lock - Enable Disable Enable - Reboot

    but at the next reboot the problem reappears
    I have the same problem and I can't turn the smartlock off or on again, I only have a white screen.
    Same issue here. The face recognition worked perfectly for about 1 week and now the "Smart Lock" feature isn't working (doesn't unlock the screen, the settings page is white, and if I do the "untick from trusted agent" workaround, it only works until the next reboot).

    Any way we can push Google/Xiaomi to fix it? The only reason I needed this "Smart Lock" from the beginning was the lack of working finger print reader (which I honestly can't understand how they release a device with such a huge issue).