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smartphone screen suffering from artifacts in dark secnes (macroblocking)

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New member
Jan 28, 2021
Is this normal display behavior?
I have seen some of this artifacts on my LG LCD IPS monitor, but on the phone i can see it much more.
Don't have another phone with amoled scren, and was wondering, if anyone can tell me if this is normal for the screen:

This is from the most recent batman trailer,

I also notice some artifacts on other displays, but on the s20 FE i can see it much more.

Can you guys also see it?

It has more artifacts because the amoled panel was much more contrast?

Help pls


Senior Member
Aug 23, 2012
the trailer looked fine to me, I agree compressed video will produce more artifacts. if you watched it through a browser with a data saving option that could be the cause.