Snake OS A30 V4.2 {FINAL}{Updated on 16/7/21}

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Apr 8, 2015
There is a problem When the phone screen turns off, it no longer turns on, you have to hold the volume and power buttons to turn the phone on and off The same thing must be repeated whenever you want to use the phone
After flashing the latest snake os version, I get this error, even though the changelog clearly states that galaxy store has been fixed.


Aug 1, 2020
normal rom is very good. but I have a problem with fast charging to 85%, the battery is very slow 30 minutes but only 5% battery..
Please support
We care you and your rom
Please, please please.
We own you.
Support again
A30 users are not much, so if We dont care you forget us. Forget me, i join now to xda and install snake os today
Your work is great keep
I own you.
Please, please
I am sorry from about All, forget us

Forgiveness is from great men and devotees
I beg and fall at your feet.
I care you
Please keep
You are best developer rom, I will support you, i promise
May 1, 2020
the first times this rom was great the best but then it crashed no key works, hey installed and I download many times always the same fault so hey flawed an original software and it is normal

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    ×Based on the latest stock firmware
    ×Installer powered by aroma installer
    ×Better battery backup
    ×Removed almost all Knox app
    ×Less system app it depends on you what you choose in aroma
    ×Battery color mod
    ×Optimized system UI
    ×Many useless apps and services were removed from the system
    ×Snake OS Wallpaper Resources
    ×More OMC support with features
    ×updated Samsung System apps
    ×No modules needed to pass SafetyNet only need to enable magisk hide
    ×Resolution changer in display settings
    ×Some extra camera features
    ×Flagship photo editor
    ×You can choose between OnePlus and one UI launcher
    ×Now you can remove blur using the aroma option
    ×New charging animation
    ×Multi user
    ×Performance improvements
    ×SnakeOS shutdown animation
    ×Faster rom installation
    ×Secure Folder
    ×AppLock in advance features
    ×Dual messages can clone any app now
    ×Native screen recorder with selfish video


    ×Improve system stability
    ×Improvement in aroma installer
    ×Photo editor fixed
    ×Galaxy Store fixed
    ×AppLock should work now
    ×S21 audio theme
    ×Performance improvements
    ×Fixed some issues related to OMC
    ×Device Care Updated
    ×Resolution changer now selectable
    ×Fixed fp and video brightness removed
    ×Battery color mod
    ×Google discover fixed
    ×printing Services are now available
    ×One Ui home updated


    Mega||G Drive
    File Size 1.86GB

    1. First flash android 11 kernel and recovery
    2. Wipe data if using any other rom
    3. And then flash the rom zip file in TWRP
    4. Wait for complete installation and reboot to system
    5. Do not Wipe PRODUCT
    @el0xren my mentor.
    @TenSeventy7 for helping me with many features.
    @BlassGO for Google package Installer mod and many more
    @ianmacd for multidisabler.
    @Winb33 for Fonts pack.
    @By Zonik for helping me.
    @amarullz for Aroma Installer.
    @beardedfly for testing
    Debashish for testing
    @Siddita04 for testing and without him this version will not be possible at all.

    SAMSUNG for this amazing firmware it's based on this rom.


    Screenshot_20210523-182152_One UI Home.jpg20210523_182108.jpg20210523_182100.jpg20210523_182053.jpg20210523_182040.jpgScreenshot_20210712-093028_Samsung capture.jpgScreenshot_20210712-093016_Settings.jpg
    Enjoy the performance XD
    Looks like no one cares i will end support. :cry:
    See for a week if not than do for me only XD
    Looks like no one cares i will end support. :cry: