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(Snapdragon) [ROM, TWRP, SUPERSU ROOT!] Samsung Galxy S8+ SM-G955U and SM-G955U1

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    Xpose probably broken pre installed. Try to reinstall xpose if you can
    I believe you can flash the 955U1 with this firmware but maybe I'm wrong. If you have bootloader v8 then flash the BL V8 file with odin with the AP file(second AP file download saying SAMFAILED) try that again and tell me if it works. If it doesn't then I'll release another method for the 955U1.

    I tried again and I was successful. It was definitely confusing with all of the failed messages. but I got it. You can add that the 955U/1 works if you haven't tested yourself. Thanks again as a lot of the other methods seemed outdated and didn't work, or maybe I did it wrong lol.

    Anyways, cheers!
    Hi Flinnyd ,
    did you have a chance to think about preparing a 955F version ?
    cheers !
    Will be releasing one next week!
    Any update on working roms? This android 7.0 is killing me.
    Haven't found any sucess yet. I think im getting close tho!
    This only works on the v7 and v8 bootloader(for now)

    I am proud to present a new rom pre-installed with supersu!

    Make sure to follow instructions. You will also be able to downgrade to 7.0 if you have 9.0

    This tutorial is easy and will take a max time of 30 minutes to complete.

    The samsung s8+ snapdragon has been hard to root to only have temp root, to bricking, but now, I have found and modified some files that you can use to permanently root your s8+ G955U and..You...can...install...TWRP!!!

    TWRP will be installed as you go threw the process. Safetrap will be disabled and like all of the other rooting methods, your phone will only charge to 80%. YOUR WARRANTY WILL VOID DUE TO ROOTING AND INSTALLING A CUSTOM ROM. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKING YOUR DEVICE(
    some idiot will accidentally brick there device. Like bruh, this method is easy. I don't see any way how you could accidentally brick your phone. If your reading this after bricking your phone...read the damn title next time. This method is only for the u.s versions of the s8+ aka Snapdragon.)

    Let's get started!

    You will first need to download this custom rom. It will disable safetrap and install twrp!

    While the files are downloading, take that time to factory reset the phone and clear the cache.

    This file package includes a modified version of odin.

    There will be two firmware files. DO NOT FLASH BL AS IF YOU HAVE A BOOTLOADER 8 IT WILL NOT WORK. If you have bootloader 7 then it might work.

    Next, put the phone into download mode. Hold Power + Volume Down + Bixby Button until the blue screen shows up. Press the volume button to continue after the blue screen shows up.

    After that, open up odin and connect your phone with your cable to your computer using a USB 2.0 port. You can try USB 3.0 but might suffer a failure like a Auth error.

    Once your phone is connected to your computer., odin should be showing (added!) and also will show a bar saying com. It doesn't matter what the number is.

    After that, download the bootloader file for v8. You might be able to tell if your bootloader is 8 or seven(if you try flashing, it might say 8 > 7 or it just might say error. If you have v7 flash the file that came with the first download.


    V8 BL download

    If v8 fails then you might have to flash v7( located in folder from first download) if v7 fails flash v8(second download)

    Flash the BL by clicking the BL button and navigating to the file location of the BL file.

    In odin, go to the options table and unchecked f reset time and auto reboot. After that click flash! It will be quick when flashing the BL. After that once it says pass! Reboot the phone into download mode again. After that, click the reset button next to start and click on the AP button. Go to the folder where the AP file is located and load it into odin. It will freeze odin for a few seconds as it checks the MD5. Once your phone is in download mode and odin is responding again, click start and wait for the system to flash over! Depending on the speed of your pc it might go slow or fast.

    Once it is done, it will said Failed! but that's ok. It has successfully completed installing and now you can reboot the phone normally. After it loads, safetrap should be disabled if a screen pops up saying continue or recovery. If none of that pops up that's fine, we still have some more files to flash.

    Give the phone time to boot. The phone is not usable yet as android is still locked down. Wifi will not work but you will have temporary root access to the phone. You will see a app called flash fire. Open it but before you do, download the system file below!

    Give it time to download. Extract the file from the 7z(have a file extractor that supports 7z). There should be a img file. Right click on it and press Send to the click on the phone. It will send it to the internal folder not downloads. Once it's on the phone, open flashfire then on the plus button. Then press the flash system(not Ota button) look for the img file and then press flash once you loaded in the .img Give it a few minutes to flash. After it's done flashing it will auto reboot. It might say that you flashed unauthorized files onto the phone and to contact your carrier. If not then skip this step. Go into odin. Select a BL file(remember if you think you have v8 flash the second download you downloaded. If you have the v7 bootloader, flash the BL that came with odin aka the first download. Uncheck f reset time and auto reboot. Flash the BL then wait. Once its done reboot the phone normally(hold Power button + down button) The error should be gone. The phone should reboot itself with a new boot logo animation. If that does happen, congrats you finished step one successfully 👏 👍. Now on to step two!

    Shut down the phone and wipe the data and cache(factory reset)

    Download the pre-installed supersu rom below:

    Extract the files and only keep the AP file.

    Go. Ack into odin and click on the AP button. Load in the AP file you just downloaded. Odin will freeze while checking the MD5. Once unfrozen, select the BL file you have. Remember, if you have v8 use the second download. If you have v7 use the first download or the one that came with odin. After that flash the two selected files and wait for the system to install.

    Once the system is done it will say failed! Which is still good! Then reboot the phone and wait for it to load again. It will load into safe mode on first startup. Setup phone without Google until you want to login. Keep wifi off until your done setup. Once setup is done reboot phone by pressing power off. Once phone powers off, hold Power button until boot. Congrats if you made it this far! You have successfully rooted the samsung s8+ 955U snapdragon!

    Will be making a video soon for people who had trouble installing.
    What the actual heck... and this is why no one posts anything on xda anymore. You literally took all @jrkruse works and posted as your own!!!! Not one single mention or credit given to @jrkruse. You did absolutely nothing. KANGER ALERT ⚠️ 📢