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Snapdragon S20 Fe with unpaid root?

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Senior Member
Jun 29, 2009
So to my understanding the Exynos variants can be rooted by the user without issue but the Snapdragon variants need files that can only be bought, effectively you have to use that $75 service to get root on them, though it works on all the Snapdragons including the US and Canada versions.

Is there any Snapdragon version that you can root for free?


Senior Member
Aug 23, 2012
to root this phone you need an unlocked bootloader, on US and maybe Canadian variants the bootloader cannot be unlocked easily by the user.
it's this that is a service being offered as a paid service, unlocking the bootloader. rooting is completely free.
international models of snapdragon version can be unlocked by the user.
if you're not in the American continent you don't have to worry about it.

read the threads completely that contain guides before you even try a thing.

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    I think SM-G7810 and SM-G781N,have snapdragon chipset with the ability to root them easily for free.