So, a little update

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Tried my luck repartitioning the tablet, increasing the system partition and reducing the userdata partition. afterwards i flashed a/b gsi's using makemesar zip in order to get them working. that did not work, had to go back to stock.

Lately, i have discovered that our tablet shares some specs with its cousin, the Mediapad T5. and T4 has an active community, more developers, more custom recovery and even a way to rebrand their tablet to their chinese counterparts. how is this rebranding important ?
well, the chinese counterparts have access to updates. huawei didnt drop support for them as it did for us. so, they got update to android 9 and then Harmony OS (which is Android 10).
So i will see if i can rebrand my tablet into a chinese counterpart and get update to android 10. afterwards i will make a guide here.


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Jun 2, 2006
yes, thats the intended output. the chinese device has even updates to harmony os 2.0 (android 10). so far these been a few success stories and a lot of hard-breaks. so dont jump into other threads and flash stuff.
Yes, I've read the t5 thread. I hope you can find a way to rebrand this model too. If you need some help you can send me a p.m.


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Nov 23, 2011
Thanks God! I hope you have success in your way, good luck! It would be fabulous update to android 10 this tablet.. oh my god.. still at 8. So sad