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so-called GSM unlocked Sprint LG V40 from ebay loops in network activation forever

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Nov 24, 2018
Remove SIM card, connect to wifi, reinsert sim card. Activation message will pop back up and fail in about 2 minutes.

You can remove all of this crap too with adb shell. Look in the g8 section for instructions.

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    Did you have octoplus or someone else (Vlad?) unlock your v40's bootloader & flash PIE? I saw on another thread you talked to Android4Lif back and forth on waiting for the service and paying for it etc. You recommend octoplus, but Android4Lif uses Vlad, and he's now complaining Vlad bricked his phone. So I'm confused--which one did you go for the service?

    I'd really prefer doing this sort of things myself unless there is no other way but paying someone else to do it. Back in the old days, HTC devices have tons of free information&guides available for unlocking bootloader/falshing ROMs. And I've always done unlocking/ROOT/falshing myself on my old phones. I guess the landscape has changed in the last couple of years since I bought my last mobile phone before the recent purchase of a V40--those who have knowledge on unlocking are unwilling to share now.

    Hey guys, I can flash the firmware from V405QA instead of the sprint and it will be clean, without sprint applications, and this is 9 android.

    Flashing 9 does not have to unload the bootloader, but I can do it.
    The firmware will take 20-25 minutes.
    And I will not make your device a brick, I have already flashed a lot of these phones and I know all the nuances
    hi bro V405QA is a version unlock sim because have a sprint version locked

    If you haven't unlocked the SIM with sprint yet then all that updating to Use unlocked Pie would do is unlock apn settings...nothing more..you need to unlock first if you want to use a different carrier