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So many options it seems 8T

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So I have the OnePlus 8T there are so many options it seems to Root it, unlock bootloader twrp/no twrp flash twrp/only boot Twrp add magisk etc.... After trying to do some of that to no avail I figured out I needed a "Token" to get the Bootloader unlocked I'm waiting on a token. Then I see with a locked Bootloader I can use MSM and switch it to the Global variant or port the OnePlus 9r rom to it, while having the option to patch the boot img to get root access.. So I guess my question is what route should I take? My goal is to replace the TMobile startup screen, and remove the bloatware and TMobile apps and be able to try out many different roms and add some cool kernels and features to it to try out. So what route do you think I should go as far as Rooting and being able to try out different roms once I get the token to unlock the bootloader? Thanks in advance