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Question So what is the best android charging habit...?

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Senior Member
Oct 13, 2014
thx @pl192aw for explaining. battery idle mode sounds interesting. For now I can't leave the Stock MIUI (debloated) or xiaomi.eu World because I mainly need Stock Cam Steady Video unmatched smoothness. I have hope from private messages that GCam Arnova (in private Beta) will change this. If released and true I'll be glad to switch to crDroid. I think today I saw in a Telegram group it also supports Smart charging (not sure if based on Arrow and will also be removed). I would not be comfortable to use root only for one function, since so far I never needed root. So I hope in built in.

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    If you root your device, you can use Battery Charge Limit.

    You can set the maximum charging percentage, like setting it to 80%, then the charger will stop charging.

    For our POCO X3 PRO, we need to go into this app setting and change "Set Control File" to the one with mi6 or something I don't clearly remember.

    ArrowOS has this smart charging built-in.

    I personally use my old charger to charge it slowly.
    From what I observe, the Xiaomi 33W charger will rise the battery temperature to 40°C, which is bad to the battery. My slow charger will increase to ~33°C.

    The fast charge is for convenience and emergency eg. forgot to charge at night and need to rush in the morning.

    Frequently charging between 40~80% is better for battery health in long term.
    Advanced Charging Controller (acc) is a good module to do this under control. It also has links about battery health explanation. (Battery university)
    Wait... is there a problem with charging my phone to 100%?

    If you want your phone battery health to last longer for years, like 2 years or more, then it's better. Info is here: https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries

    For long term, battery will degrade and loose it's capacity, so your battery die eventually, then replace, then die, then replace...
    Like this:

    If you are wealthy enough to change your phone so frequently that you don't even want to concern the long term damage to phones, then forget about it and go for the TOP. (And coffee for me :p)
    My habit is 1 + 2: when around 50%, charge it up to around 90%.

    Of course I'm not paranoid about it. But I do check battery levels most times I pick up my phone, to decide what to do.
    It is best to keep it between 20-80 present and not gaming while charging. I use my old slow charger when i am not in a hurry.
    Actually, I always keep my battery between 25% and 75%, then I restart the device once a week. Finally, I will use it until 0% one or two times a month before charging fully to 100% , I have read in a newspaper, it is necessary for digital devices.

    discharging at 0% seems to be at a high risk that it won't power on anymore