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Feb 8, 2015
Now that I've found this pesky little pnp.xml file. I have to ask how was it disabled in Nougat? And if I rename it. Is the searching process for it gonna be worse battery killer thank leaving well enough alone? Please and thank you beforehand
The right person and Java platform could definitely figure something out id bet. It's encrypted also. Is that normal?

Edit. I added final battery script from op to Exkernel managers folder. From there I ran script. Getting pretty damn good results thus far. So yes it appears to be working on Oreo. If we figure out how to shut down the process /service and or pnp manager completely. It will be great.

Can you explain ?Which of script installed ? And how install with exkernelmanager ? Did you try Ivicaks' new zip for delete pnp libs ?

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    For introduction - have a look at these guides first: Advanced Interactive Governor Tweaks (for Nexus 5X) and [AKT] Advanced Kernel Tweaks (for OP3 -> same SoC as our HTC 10). At first, I want to thank @soniCron for his shared knowledge, @Alcolawl for his great scripts and of course @Asiier, @Mostafa Wael, @patalao and @Senthil360 for their AKT scripts for OnePlus3.

    So, what is this about? These tweaks are desgined to work for every available kernel on our HTC 10 (or every other Snapdragon 820/1 device), no matter if it's a PnP kernel such as stock kernel, or a HMP kernel without the usage of PnP or an EAS kernel. The scripts detect which kernel you're running and will apply the tweaks accordingly.

    So in summary, what are the prerequisites...
    • Kernel/Rom, which does not use pnpmgr
    • root access
    • proper buysbox installation
    • NO need of any special app besided a terminal emulator, Boot Shell or Magisk - it's up to you!

      ...and what can you expect?
    • efficient performance...
    • ....therefore good battery life (->see attachements below.)
    • EAS, HMP and I/0 tweaks
    • executeable scripts or Magisk modules

    How to install and to use these tweaks? Firstly: The .sh files are executeable scripts. To run them, you have to go to an terminal emulator app, and then you have to type for example, if you saved the .sh file in the ElementalX folder in your internal storage and if you wanted to apply the file called "":
    [COLOR="Green"]cd /sdcard/ElementalX/gov_profiles/[/COLOR]

    or just use a root file manager or Boot Shell, simple as that ;)

    or just flash the Magisk module in TWRP or Magisk manager and profit ;)

    Known issues: It could be possible that you get some errors like "setting123 could not be applied: permission denied" or "setting123 could not be applied: no such file or directory". This is no problem, all other settings will be applied correctly. This is only a kernel related thing which means that this kernel just does not have this option.
    NOTE: If you're running an AOSP Rom and using an EAS kernel, then open EX Kernel Manager -> CPU and enable perfd manually!

    @soniCron for his knowledge
    @Alcolawl for his initial scripts
    @Freak07 for his scripts
    @Asiier @Mostafa Wael @patalao @Senthil360 for their AKT/OP3 scripts, which work indeed for the HTC 10, when using Nebula Advanced or being on LOS/AOSP-based Rom
    @TotallyAnxious for exchange of knowledge and code + for all VM stuff work + for own scripts
    @Eliminater74 for Nebula Advanced and Nebula EAS kernels
    @ZeroInfinity for HelixKernel EAS and for including my script into his kernel :)
    @Kyuubi10 @ivicask @DeeZZ_NuuZZ for explaining and helping me a lot concerning VM stuff

    Status: stable
    Unified scripts and Magisk modules: Google Drive
    Last updated: 10/10/2017

    Spreadsheet about Power Consumption calculations: Google Drive
    Soilwork V10 on 10/10: Power Of 10: Final!

    So, here the journey ends, at least for now. As I recently purchased the OP5, I won't do any changes to my scripts anymore, this is the final result. At least as long the 10 stays on Nougat. I am quite satisfied with the status quo, so this is good to be. As I still own my 10, we will see if any changes of the scripts are useful or if they still work well. So far at least, this is it! Enjoy:highfive:

    • VM changes
    • I/0 changes
    • some EAS related changes

    PS: I will be still around here if there any issues or so, and perhaps, we'll see something new on Oreo :)

    I can't give you any deeper insight, I guess. All that I know is from opinions and sayings floating around, and I can't prove them right or wrong. As far as I know, on stock Roms, perfd isn't needed, on AOSP/LOS roms it is needed due to the usage of VoxPopuli EAS PowerHAL. But again, I just don't know it more exactly. Let's ask @tabp0le and @joshuous :D I guess they should know it much better than I do.

    So, perfd and an EAS power HAL (marlin or Vox Populi) are needed for TRUE EAS. Just having the kernel and other optimizations, daemons, engines are not enough. I'm not saying you don't get some benefit from these, but you won't be fully taking advantage of EAS. Perfd relays messages between the kernel and the power HAL. The power HAL is the intelligent beast behind it all. It's what gives you the performance without sacrificing too much battery life.

    The core aspects of EAS are:
    • Kernel: Scheduler, cgroups, etc
    • Power HAL
    • Cutils (libcutils) - Tells the scheduler how to interact with different groups (top-app, background, foreground, etc)
    • Perf Daemon (perfd)

    The perfd must also be one from the marlin. (it's the only one that can talk properly to an EAS power HAL. This CAN theoretically be achieved in stock, but it would require you to run completely permissive with SELinux. I have a flashable zip that can enable cutils, perfd and the powerhal, but it's untested on stock. (would theoretically work though)

    Because of these many factors, it's much easier to get this all working properly on AOSP based ROMs.

    I hope I've answered your question to satisfaction.
    Some news here: I'm going to sell my HTC 10 soon, so my way definitely ends here soon. But before, I have a little Christmas gift for you all! I have updated my scripts, means I've re-written them and now the structure is based on the scripts of @adanteon! Additionally, I added some things here and there, changed some values and so on plus I now made a performance profile as well! At this point, I want to say thank you for testing @CharliesTheMan!
    So, you can find all scripts here in my Google Drive folder and attached here as well as in OP. Enjoy, merry Christmas to all and have a good time! :)
    Update - new name, new version - Soilwork V5.0

    So, finally, there it is, the new update! With this new update, I changed the branch name to "Soilwork".
    I focussed mainly on I/0 tweaks this time, but also updated the HMP parts, and made them compatible to any available kernel on our beloved HTC 10. So even if you are on a PnP kernel as stock or ElementalX or so on, you can use these tweaks now, even along with @ivicask's PnP tweaks, as these scripts don't affect or tweak PnP itself.
    As usual, there are 2 versions available, "balanced" and "battery", the names should be self-explaining ;) Also, there are still both shell scripts and Magisk modules available.


    Unified [ EAS | HMP | I/0 ] Tweaks
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