[SOLUTION] hisuite no internet connection

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Sep 7, 2018
Not sure if it helps, but still... I wanted to downgrade from EMUI 12 to 11. HiSuite said that I have the latest version, there are no updates. And I pressed Switch to other version. Then it began the download and displayed error No connection. I use ESET NOD and it has its firewall. First I changed DNS IP in properties of network connection. Didn't help, dut the button Switch version in HiSuite disappeared. I also added HiSuite as a rule to NOD firewall to always allow its connections. And only when i returned automatic receiving of DNS IP in Windows connection properties, it finally began downloading EMUI 11 ROM

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    maybe usefull to someone , guys im trying to rollback my mate 10 to previous emui version using hisuite in windown10 , but it keep pop up "no internet connection" message .

    trying to find solution everywhere but cant seems to find any solution , then i tried to turn off window security and it works!

    did solve the connection probleme, using china dns in my network card ipv4 propreties​​​

    For some odd reason, hisuit blocks the google dns and​

    Better learn how to properly configure firewall instead of switching if off completely...
    turn off the window security is easier with just a click than configure this firewall ?