[Solved] Apps aren't loading content from the internet

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Jul 4, 2019
Out of nowhere my Galaxy S20+ (G985F) stopped loading anything from the internet in many apps. Both when connected to wi-fi and 4G.

Firefox won't load any pages, reddit app won't load anything, Steam app won't load anything, wallpaper apps won't load anything...

Whatsapp and Instagram are working properly though.

I didn't do anything to the phone today and it was working normal until an hour or two ago. I have tried restarting the phone.

Should I wipe cache?

Does anyone have any idea what is happening? Any solutions?

EDIT: well damn, I just figured it out. It was Blokada. I disabled it and now everything is back to normal. Weird, I didn't receive any updates from it and it never gave me issues before.