[Solved?] Charging speed dependent on the order of the insertion of the USB C cable

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Sep 8, 2011
My current setup is Pixel Experience 9.0 CAF build and Canting 2.1 kernel. On Stock Pie, I was able to insert the charging cable in any order and the charging speed would be the same. Now on this setup, inserting it in one way brings about slow charging, but removing the cable, flipping it the other way, and reinserting it causes normal charging to begin. I thought this was a kernel issue and switched to Moun Kernel 7.3 but its the same.

Anyone else on this rom or on other roms facing experience the same? It's not a cable issue as I got the same issue when using a different cable and when charging it through a power bank.

Edit: Seemed to have solved the problem by going back to Pixel Experience's stock ROM, so the issue may be with custom ROMs.
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Sep 17, 2016
Rewari, Haryana
Same issue and same solution

i had the same issue and i guess the problem is with the custom roms coz even if the phone is charging normally eveytime you press the power button to turn on the screen....the readings are different and there was no issue with the Stock ROM