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[SOLVED] Custom binary blocked by frp forgot OEM - back to stock firmware but how?

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New member
Sep 6, 2020
I have my moms SM-A310F

..fool me I forgot to enable OEM before installing TWRP and flashing the latest LineageOS

After a reboot it shows "Custom binary blocked by FRP lock"
After some research I came to the conclusion that only flashing back to the Samsung firmware could save me.

I'm going to use Odin.

My problem is that the firmware provided by samMobile and samfrew both only provide .img and .bin files.
I found out how to convert them over here: [Script][Tool] how to create a tar.md5 file from img For Odin

But which ones do I need to convert? And where do I need to flash tem to in Odin?

I got:
  • boot.img
  • cache.img
  • cm.bin
  • hidden.img
  • modem.bin
  • recovery.img
  • sboot.bin
  • system.img
Odin gives me the options to flash:
  • BL
  • AP
  • CP
  • CSC
I know that I can ignore USERDATA. But what about the others?

Do in need to flash all the files above? And which file goes where?

Thanks a lot, my mom (and I) will be very thankful for your help.. ;-)
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New member
Sep 6, 2020
just realised that unzipping the .zip file (firmware) on a Mac caused the issue. If I unzip on Windows i get a tar.md5 that I can flash on AP

on Mac unziping gives me a folder with all the mentioned files.