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[Solved] My pictures' thumbnails or previews do not match the actual photo.

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Jul 15, 2015
Edit: Solved. If anyone's in the same situation, what worked for me is searching for .thumbnail folders (make sure "show hidden files" or similar is enabled in your file browser), and deleting their content. Google photos will then recreate the thumbnails when you next open it.

Hello friends.
Ever since a few days, I've been having the strangest of problems with my pixel 4xl under android 10:
Basically, the thumbnails or previews of my pictures do not match the picture itself.
For example, if I want to send an image to a whatsapp contact, or attach one to an email I'm composing or whatever, the preview or thumbnail that I'm shown is that of a much older and long deleted image. Pressing the miniature instantly shows me the correct picture, but if I press the back button, I'm again presented with something that had nothing to do with that particular photo.
Hope this makes sense.
This happens both in the Google photos app and third party apps such as whatsapp.
The only step I can think of doing to correct it is deleting storage and cache of my Media Storage, but that didn't help.
Can anyone shed some light on the matter?
Best regards!
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