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<SOLVED> No Knox App?

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Feb 4, 2008
Yeah. It looks like all the security framework components are there, just not the stub to pull down the container/vm for the jailed secure personality.

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Aug 24, 2010
As I understand it Knox is for enterprise IT to allow and restrict private phone to be use on company network similar to BB and not to be confused with a secure vault app.


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Jun 21, 2007
Florida, USA
What I did to successfully install it is just open the attached KnoxStub.apk and install it. then after that it will start updating Knox software then direct you to Samsung store. No need to place it in system/app folder (at least in my case I didn't need to)
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Jun 21, 2007
Florida, USA
APK installed fine! (Thank You)

But after I accept the Terms and conditions

I am greeted with a dialog box

No KNOX updates are available

Any Suggestion?

Hmmm Strange. On mine it downloaded around 100MB of Knox updates then It asked me to setup Knox password. After that I got the Knox icon on the homescreen. Pressing it takes me to secure container with Knox apps icon to download more.

Are you rooted?


Mar 16, 2006
If I perform a reboot the KNOX shortcut disappears

How many files are in your container folder

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I have


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    Just curious, I saw the knox app om all international and Tmobile versions but I cant find it on my att version. BY Knox I mean the secure profile switcher.

    Update 1 :
    Koars215 received a correspondence from Samsung:

    "after days on days of speaking with att and samsung... corporate finally spilled the beans lol this is coming from samsung mouth the agent told me that att push the device for purchased and did not look over the software in full before putting it on the shelf. They said the reason we can see the knox app in the installation manager is because by default it should be. Also its something that cant be found on its samsung app market place.

    END RESULT: Samsung said within the next 1-2 weeks it will push a software update for At&t and t-mobile(i had no clue t-mobile was having the same issue)"

    Update 2:
    Get the knoxstub.apk from note 3 international and placed it in system after being rooted and now knox is working perfect. Tnx to cburnett

    Update 3:
    Knoxstub is attached. Tested and it works :good: Tnx to cburnett for the file.

    Just open the apk and install normally and let it do its thing.

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    @Jammol your wrong on the the other company's such as sprint there is an/a app on the home screen that allows you to place things inside the container and also Knox have its own store with supported apps. I was on the phone with Samsung advanced tech support and they were scratching their head on why it isn't installed on the device but it is found in the installation manager
    Exactly I can't find it either.

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    Same here.. I updated my note 3 to 5.1.1 and the knox app went missing.. can't find it anywhere.. the knoxstub.apk is also not working :/