SOLVED Post update infinite bootloop, restarts before fastboot menu

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Feb 3, 2023
Hi guys,

one day after some minor update (don't know if it's related) my Redmi 9 Pro started restarting while on the table. I was able to open fastboot, could scroll between options via volume buttons, but couldn't confirm anything with power button. It kept restarting every cca 6 seconds.

After several hours of restarting the battery died.

When I plugged the charger, the phone started restarting again. But now, I cannot even acces fastboot. It restarts before the menu appears.

I didn't do anything with the phone, only updated official actualizations. I have no warranty anymore, its 2 and a half year old.

Any ideas? Thank you!

SOLUTION: After a few hours of googling I found a tip to push power button 10+ when mi logo shows up. It helped.
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