Question [SOLVED] Samsung A12 / SM-A127F/DSN - Root problem

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Nov 22, 2011
1. Did you root using the full ap file patched with the special a217 magisk? (This contains the patched boot.img and vbmeta.img)

You can't downgrade firmware
yes, I patched the full AP with the special magisk version. I followed the steps at this post at first, and then I found the tg channel for Exynos 850 devices so I'm following guides there

Sorry I mean downgrade the baseband version, I flashed the A127FXXU4AUK1 that I saw it is widley used for this device, but I have the same problem, not able to mount /system folder.
In recovery mode with MTP seems that I can mount system, but when I restart the device I cannot interact with that folder, also mounting /system from a terminal with root access (recovery or termux) result in fail, with the same error pasted here

I also tried to install the TWRP and OFox recovery following the guides on tg, with no luck.
Only the OFox one is working for me, I tried also the others recovery but they are causing boot loop

My a127f/DSN comes with baseband A127FXXS4AVB2 (ITV) [security update 02/2022] from factory, I'm afraid this is the reason why I cannot access to the system folder.

In any case, thank you very much for your support :)


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Oct 23, 2021
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Hi, Yes I have root on this device !
It's very simple, but official Magisk have a bug which prevents the device from booting properly and your phone will be stuck with in bootloop.

1. You must get custom patched Magisk (jn attachment) - from This thread and install it on phone.
2. Get your original firmware from :
3. Unpack your firmware and upload AP_XXXXX file on phone and patch it with magisk.
4. Flash with ODIN and done :)

You have full instruction : Here but I recommend patch full AP_XXX file not only boot.img. Full AP patch It will allow you to turn off DM-Verity immediately and trouble with vbmeta.
i tried twice with original magisk and it worked? maybe it is only for you

my device: a127f/dsn


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Feb 10, 2023

I have problem with patch my boot.img with Magisk manager. After patching I got error : "The phone is not running Samsung's official software". After flash again stock boot.img everything works.

I use Odin to flash.

I tried to install unofficial TWRP from other thread but I got SVD Fail and vbmeta errors during boot.

Somebody have any idea how solve this problem?

Model : SM-A127F/DSN
Baseband version : A127FXXU2AUG7
Android 11 (UI 3.1)

Info from download mode :
KG STATE : Checking
Secure Download : Enabled
RP SWREV : B:2 K:2 S:2

I found similar situation on movie :
But for me recovery mode and factory reset not solve problem. Phone stuck on "Samsung's official software" and reboot after a few minutes.

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did you ever fix it

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