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Sep 2, 2011

After the screen of my Huawei P8 Lite (ALE-L21) stopped responding when touching it (displayed ok) while I was riding my bike in the rain*, I hit Power + Volume Down to see if it did anything.

What it did, is enter the "RESCUE MODE Func NO: 8 (hifi image) Error NO: 1 (security verify failed!)" screen:

Since it wouldn't go any further, I let the battery run dry, recharged it, and managed to use the "wipe data/factory reset" option.

At this point, with the phone plugged into my computer:
  • Keep Power button pressed: "RESCUE MODE Attention!"
  • Keep Power + Volume Up buttons pressed : "RESCUE MODE Attention!"
  • Keep Power + Volume Down pressed: "FASTBOOT&RESCUE MODE

FWIW, the phone has a MicroSD port, the phone is listed by Device Manager in Windows 7 (Android Device > Android ADB Interface) when in FASTBOOT&RESCUE mode, and I have HiSuite installed but it says "Device not connected".

Provided the screen was not broken by the rain drops… what do you recommend I do at this point to recover the stock Huawei ROM?

Thank you.

* I did protect it with my rain cape as much as I could, so we're just talking a bit of rain drops, nothing major. This is not the first time I do this, and I had no problem so far

Edit: FWIW, I downloaded firmware C432B564 from Huawei's site, copied the \dload directory on the MicroSD card and inserted it while the phone is still running since it won't turn off, and rebooted with POWER + VOLUME UP/DOWN pressed per the PDF: The phone stills displays the "RESCUE MODE" Func NO 8 + Error NO 1 screen. So it looks like a forced upgrade doesn't work.

Edit: I followed this tutorial to extract the four IMG files from UPDATE.APP, but after running "fastboot reboot" (instead of the non-existent "fastboot restart"), the phone is back to the RESCUE MODE screen above, ie. nothing changed.

Is this phone bricked?
Edit: I followed this message to run a few fastboot commands:

C:\adb>fastboot getvar rescue_phoneinfo
rescue_phoneinfo: ALE-L21 V100R001C432B046

C:\adb>fastboot oem get-product-model
(bootloader) ALE-L21
OKAY [  0.078s]

C:\adb>fastboot oem get-psid
(bootloader) SN:W3D7N1563000…
(bootloader) IMEI:8666300297…
OKAY [  0.062s]

C:\adb>fastboot getvar vendorcountry
vendorcountry: hw/eu

C:\adb>fastboot oem check-rootinfo
(bootloader)  old_stat: RISK
(bootloader)  now_stat: SAFE
(bootloader)  change_time: 1454277839
OKAY [  0.094s]

C:\adb>fastboot oem get-build-number
(bootloader) :ALE-L21C432B602
OKAY [  0.062s]

C:\adb>fastboot oem device-info
FAILED (remote: Command not allowed)
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Sep 2, 2011
Thank you.

Using another way (forgot what it was), I got Android to start the factory reset, but the screen would still not respond to touch, meaning the phone was probably dead.

So I got a new phone and tossed the P8 Lite. I'll pay more attention not get the phone wet in the rain.

Thank you.