[SOLVED] Three Problems On My P20 Lite

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I'm using P20 Lite (ANE-LX1) about two weeks and i have som problems with my phone.

First, Bluetooth Headphone problem. It's most annoying problem i have.
I use JBL T110BT with my P20 lite. When connected and try to listen music, every time screen on music stops, sometimes when i open another app doing same thing. After music stops, sometimes play fast and catch the music time, sometimes jump to directly music's normal time.

I try this with Spotify and TuneIn. With cable headphones everything just normal.

Second, Night Photo mode so dark, just opposite to must might be. I attached the samples. First is night mode with auto settings photo, second is full auto mod photo.

Third Problem, laggy OS.
Free ram is most of time about 2GB and open or switch between apps and UI most of time laggy. Camera open slow little bit. I swicth from Xiaomi to this phone. Compare to Emui, Miui more more fast i think. Emui 8 need to be more stable and lag free.

What do you think about this problems? Did you face any of these problems? BT problem seriously annoying. :rolleyes:
Sorry for my English

SOLVED with wiping cache from recovery.


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Jun 12, 2013
Mine is not laggy but i removed a lot of bloatwares with adb and I'm not a social media apps user...

For the night camera it looks like a bug or bad setting off the exposure. Is it in auto mode?

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    I'm sorry had to ask. How did you do it? TIA!

    Turn off the phone and open again while holding the Volume + button. Recovery wiil boot. You'll see the wipe cache partition button. :)

    You can refer to this link. (External link - Guide) to enter recovery mode.