[SOLVED] Unbrick Sunvell Q Plus with Allwinner H6 SoC 6k 4gb

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Aug 26, 2022
My x96 mate box has been dead please help me 😔 😟 🙁 😥.


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Aug 26, 2022
I have this kind but the 4GB Ram 64GB Rom I wonder how to fix the softbrick? I did the supersu binary update then it softbricked:rolleyes:

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?? You Find the Version 9 Rom Yet?!?!

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Is this for the 64GB Rom too? I Installed the SuperSU Binary and then my android TV softbricked -.- I hope theres a solution!

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    Hi just a little thread to unbrick this kind of popular tv box that I struggle to find on the net.
    I believe this will work on many cheap TV box, just find your original firmware. Since I found a tons of unsolved thread with this issue, I guess this will help.

    spec :
    OS: Android 9.0
    CPU: Quadcore Allwinner H6 cortex-A53 (Frequency: 2GHz)
    GPU: Mali-T720MP2
    RAM: 4GB
    ROM: 32GB


    Issues : Bricked by rooting it. RESET button in the AV hole does NOT work (it wont boot in recovery). Side Note : DO NOT INSTALL SuperSU apk. !

    Solution :
    1- Use a SD card (not a usb stick, not a USB-A to USB-A.)

    2- Get the PhoenixCard_V3.1.0_20130618 software

    3- Get the original firmware here : https://forum.freaktab.com/forum/fr...801-sunvell-q-plus-allwinner-h6-tv-box-review

    4 - On a PC get the SD card ready to flash, open PhoenixCard, load the .img file and select in ''write mode'' ""Product""


    5 - Unplug the TV box and place the SD card. Plug the TV BOX, wait for the progress bar to finish. (it will start automatically when the power is ON)
    Progress bar should look like something like this :


    6- Done. This will erase all your data, but anyway you won't be able to access it.
    The leds issue and turning off make sure you do the OTA updates one after another
    as that fixed the issue for me.
    The box is really growning on me and I found a custom ROM with Magisk for root handling based on 7.1.1

    however it disables the USB 2.0 and for some reason only shows 2 cores and 3gb of ram (not an issue for here more of a github thing)
    however the Netflix addons for xmbc do work so 1080 streaming is back on and with root hidden I can finally use UKTV play/Channel4 and iplayer apps which with the way root is enabled by default on the stock firmware I couldnt find a way to controll (SU app kills the box)

    so there is a link in this post to the site I got the ROM from ive been using it for a few days now none stop as this box is my main TV driver
    Did you get it sorted out?
    Well when I used the guide above after the first flash I restarted then checked the wireless update and all together it updated a few times then became stable the led control was in the apps folder.

    sorry for my late reply

    Where do I get the updates? When I open "Wireless Update" it asks me to select the files from a local directory.
    tengo la misma Tv Box pero con 4RAM/64ROOM el problema es que cuando hago la instalación del Sunvell Q Plus con SoC Allwinner H6 y Android 9, se queda a la mitad de la instalación y no avanza, ya no me deja hacer nada, alguna solución.?

    también les comento que cuando hago el receteo de la caja. ya no me sale la parte de la pantalla negra donde te especifica hacerle el reseteo por defaul para que se regrese a su configuración de fabrica, solo el logo de la caja.
    Nota: Les dejo el FIRMWARE original tal como me lo dio el vendedor para que no lo andes buscando.espero que a mas de uno le pueda servir es por mega para su mejor descarga
    saludos desde Oaxaca-Mexico
    Hi, i flash the Q+ using the T95 MAX-SCV2.img but i cant make the google store to download any app, any suggestion on how to make it work?

    install lucky patcher and open that ,in the toolbox install original google play store