Solved Whitescreen problem (at least on my 6500D)

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Jan 13, 2013
As most of you, I was suffering from whitescreen problem and was about to return to stock when ,after a month of countless efforts, I managed to solve it.
I don't know how but I know exactly what was my process.

I was running cm10.1 and CWM 6045.
I flashed CWM 6032 trying to solve the sdcard0 mount problem.
Then I restored my cm10.1 backup- I wiped dalvik cache and formatted /system.
I flashed cm10.2 NIGHTLY and gapps for 4.3.
Rebooted, apps were updating.
No whitescreen since then. Still got that mount problem though but whitescreens were a real pain in the ass,

I hope this works for someone of you as well.
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