some question for owner of this phone

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Jan 8, 2012
Hi, i'm very interested with this phone

1. Does joyui12 update have all MIUI12 features?
2. Does joyui 12 bring EIS in recording video segment?
3 Does 90 hz only in video player and games?
4. what apps can run MEMC outside the stock player?
5. Does ludricious mode can force games run 90 fps?
6. For 60 fps games does it have MEMC so it feels smoother?
7. How comfortable the dc dimming modes to your eyes?
8. When your record video how many digital zoom you can do?


May 16, 2020
nearly all miui feature
only in game and video
china apps not many
need the game to support 90hz
memc in game? no.
dc at 240hz, better than nothing but not as comfy as lcd.
camera..... we gamers dont care....