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    If you can read Chinese, maybe you can read these below:

    I am very troubled by the following content:
    Edxposed are "饱受诟病"?- "Severely criticized"
    There are so bad need use word like that?

    Edxposed "面临着停更的风险" - "Risk of stop updating"
    What's the point? Lsposed will never stop update? Even original xposed has stop update.

    "系统资源的消耗被大大减少,耗电量也有所改善" - "The consumption of system resources has been greatly reduced, and the power consumption has also been improved"
    Best have test data.

    "Lsposed 的默认白名单设定使得用户的个人隐私得到保障" - "Whitelist make personal privacy more security"
    Really? Edxposed have whitelist too. Is that means Edxposed's whitelist somehow not safe? Better have more explanation.

    "主要维护者solohsu是一只老鸽子" - "Main maintainer solohsu is an old pigeon" (Meaning he is lazy)
    No need to personal attack.

    Edxposed "存在大量历史包袱" - "Edxposed inherited a lot of errors"
    Something wrong with compatibility? Or what? A little more specific will be help.

    "EdXposed管理器没有很好地适应当前Xposed界的发展情况,允许用户进行一些可能给手机带来卡顿的操作。" - "The EdXposed manager does not adapt well to the current development of the Xposed, allowing users to perform some operations that may cause lag to the phone"
    So Lsposed will not allowed user to do anything cause lag to the phone? Install any kind of xposed or just intall more app will certain make phone more laggy.

    If all this is not post by Lsposed devs, then devs should do something to avoid being over-exaggerated and provide more information.

    My personal test shows:
    LSPosed-v0.5.4.1-5175 VS EdXposed-v0.5.2.2_4683 (All use whitelist sandhook with GravityBox XposedEdge and Firefds Kit enable on a same Samsung Note 9 stock Android 10 OneUI 2.5)

    Same performance in Antutu / 3DMark / Geekbench 5 (Within normal error)
    Same experience of system UI and APPs

    For now. Lsposed is just a new Edxposed manager have better whitelist mod and set it in defult.

    Hope devs can make it better. And thanks for all your work. Cheers.

    Thread cleaned.

    Friends, let us be civil to each other and let us not import fights elsewhere to XDA. Let us confine ourselves to the topic. I think that I don't have to remind you all about the RULES.


    This is a reminder to use civilised and respectful language on the forum.

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    I see that the language is deteriorating and when it exceeds the limit, the Moderators will have to clean the thread.

    Cool down and have a fruitful discussion.
    Omg. He is traumatized 😹
    You are repeating your words many, many and many times.
    Don't try to get your arguments into the head of others.
    If you don't want to use LSPosed, just DON'T use it. LOL.

    4. I know what is "饭圈" and other local characteristics stuff that make people irrational and illogical.
    REALLY ? WHO CARES ? I love dirty jokes.
    If you are so freak with LSPosed, go to GitHub and show us your freak.
    Don't try to freak others with words like "I don't trust this and someone should say that I'm right".
    You already said what you think.
    Now, what about to use other arguments?
    Like "read this code, people, we should avoid it".
    You are just spreading panic unnecessarily.
    And we don't want your unnecessary panic.